Meeting consumer expectations with your mobile app

Mobiquity recently surveyed 1000 consumers to understand their expectations on mobile and found that “…consumers want to download an easy-to-navigate app that delivers a suite of key functionality and mobile services through an intuitive, entertaining user interface.”

When consumers encounter poor mobile app experiences, 48% say that they are less likely to use the mobile app, 34% switch to a competitor’s mobile app, and 31% are less likely to make a purchase from that company.

With real dollars on the line, it’s important to understand if your app is meeting consumer expectations or falling short.

This is not a simple question. As the newest vehicle for business marketing, mobile apps can be a bit of a black hole. A user downloads your app, then what? There isn’t a lot of visibility. How long were they in the app? What did they do in there? Did they find what they were looking for? Were they satisfied with the experience? Is the app still on their phone? There simply isn’t a lot of visibility to address these key business questions.

You can’t fix a problem you don’t understand

Gaining visibility into what mobile users are doing in your app is the first step to understanding if your app is hitting consumer expectations. A basic app analytics tool provides some general value, but this need for information is different. An analytics tool may do a great job of telling you basic information about your app and your users; but it falls short on providing context around this information.

Understanding if you are meeting expectations isn’t the same as understanding how many users opened the app, or completed a purchase. To understand if you are hitting consumer expectations, you need to see the whole picture. This belief in the importance of mobile user data is why Artisan built its mobile marketing automation on top of a powerful auto-event collection process.

Unlock ALL of your app user data

Really understanding your users means knowing why they did or did not complete a specific event, what actions or hurdles occurred before the event, or what they did instead of completing the event. Visibility into this deep level of context requires access to every screen tap, every button click, and every event in your app. You don’t need some app data, you need all of your app data…and if you don’t have it, you should unlock it now.

Identifying mobile user segments and surpassing consumer expectations

Once you unlock your complete mobile user data, you’re likely to learn what you’ve already suspected…that your mobile user base is extremely diverse. Your mobile experience is hitting the mark with some users, and missing it with others. This is OK. Now that you’ve identified different segments of underwhelmed users, you can start establishing a plan to improve their experience and increase the effectiveness of your mobile app.

Mobile is moving fast and consumers’ expectations will continue to increase. Unlock your mobile data and truly understanding what users are doing in your app, and why. Eliminate the mobile black hole and take control of the experience that you are providing for all of your mobile consumers. Happy mobile users are loyal, more profitable consumers.

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