…Confusing huh? careers beyond careers, choices beyond choices. What can I do? What the hell should I do? What do I want to do? In order to find out we need to be honest with ourselves and really figure out our real desires. I wonder if many of you are right along with me?, you have in your mind what it is you want to do or accomplish but that fire within has become luke warm. So I would look to self healing consuming all knowledge around me to eventually make an informed decision.

Now for the past two years I have started to feel a little more self enlightened, more aware of myself and wanting to learn more. Suddenly the influences around me at the time lost its glamour, my new focus was becoming better than I was. Self analyzing everything I would say to others and why, looking at my career and wondering is this for the money or the love? which leads back to the question:”Where did that flame go?”

If you have ever felt this way I know you can relate, and at times being in your head can be a little much. So I started to write in detail everything down which eventually lead to this blog. So in conclusion I want ‘you’ the reader to know and understand I too have been there, but know it is NEVER too late to take that step in the direction you see a higher power leading you. All it takes is a plan, your undivided attention and the willingness/desire to learn.

…Now Back To Your Regular Scheduled Program!..Life…

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