Ok, that was a long break since the last episode. But there was a reason.

In the fourth article in the series, I decided to try a bit different approach. My previous reviews covered analysis of projects from a sole developer -. this time I decided to take a look at work of a team from one of the FAMGA companies — Google’s JIB.

I did it for several reasons — It was a trending project, but also it’s theme was something that caught my eye: it was Java project (Java is my main work language so it was fun to see how it’s used in modern open source project) and project’s domain was…

Welcome in the third episode of our series. All the previous was covering utilities written in JavaScript. We started with covering very short-lived product — bot for the Saliens game for this year Steam Summer Sale. In the second post, we were able to take a look at the TensorFlow and how it can be used in the browser. The current edition is not covering technology which is trendy. This time I’ll be covering “nerdy” tool that I have interesting utility value — nbedos/termtosvg.

I semi-regularly do meetup/conference talks and (also semi-regularly) try to write something for the community — like the post you are reading right now. Since doing it mainly about developer’s stuff, I’m often able to find valuable to show terminal output. I’m especially fond of showing animated output that displays…

Welcome in the second edition of GitHub All-Stars. Last week, we had the opportunity to analyse bot created for Saliens — web game created as a support to Steam Summer Sale. Now, we’ll try to take a look at something much “heavier” and far more challenging. Once again, we will try to do codebase analysis, this time focusing on justadudewhohacks/face-api.js — a great example of how to use TensorFlow in a web application.

Disclaimer: I assume a bit of knowledge with basic TensorFlow terminology: if you don’t know what Tensors are please watch this movie. After watching, you should be ok to carry on.

Deep Learning is a definitely cool thing, probably majority of you will agree with me. I’m interested in Tensor Flow for a longer period of time. I even experimented a bit with it myself, trying to hack an app with TensorFlow Mobile (currently called TensorFlow lite). Still, I didn’t really…

Even after fresh drama connected to being bought by Microsoft, GitHub is still a home for a variety of amazing projects. Each week, a lot of them get community traction. I was observing GitHub trending section for years, seeing many crazy ideas showing up, getting a huge amount of Stars and being forgotten due to new surprise-of-the-week. Some of them are actively developed for a longer period, rest quickly becomes zombified.

My “collection” of starred projects grew to enormous size, without bringing me (or our community) any value. That’s why I decided to change my approach, bring a bit of regularity there an become a chronicler of all those open source pearls. …

Statement for beginning: I’m reading Technology Radar every quoter for years, and I love it.

FYI: New edition can be found here. Enjoy!

And now we can start.

Let me tell you a story. One from the category people like the most — with a lot of cries and pain, but also catharsis at the end.

Does anybody still remember Groovy? It was popular JVM language in the late 2000s. In my personal career, I have seen it’s…

GitHub is one of the best places to find clever, diverse programming projects, but it’s easy to overlook something interesting. I prepared list of 5 Docker projects definitely worth getting more attention than they have now.

A fishnet is made up of a lot more holes than strings, but you…

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