Awesome pre-launch reports for Alpha/Beta APK’s

Google Play Team announced a lot of features in I/O 16. One of the best features is pre-launch report.

If you are worrying that Firebase Test lab is a Paid feature. Then we have pre-launch report for the rescue with minimal features.

For those who haven’t heard about pre-launch report in Google Play. This report summarizes issues found when testing your app on a wide range of devices.

To generate a pre-launch report, you should enable it in your Developer console.

  • In Console, Select your App.
  • Select pre-launch report from the left menu.
  • At the bottom of the page, select Opt in.

Once you have enabled it. Just upload and publish an alpha or beta APK to generate your pre-launch report.

All your future alpha & beta APKs will be automatically tested for device compatibility, display issues, and security vulnerabilities.

After uploading the APK to the Beta Channel it took 5–10 mins to generate the report!

Let’s dive into the Pre-launch report. There are three sections:

  • Crashes
  • Screenshots
  • Security

In the Crashes Tab, you can view the crashes happened in your app during the testing process.

This chart shows your APK’s compatibility compared to previous builds. It also shows the number of successful and failed launches found during testing.


Test Results shows all the tested devices — Model name, OS Version, Locale & Description(If there is an Issue with your app).


You can also take a look at the Individual reports for each device by clicking on it. It gets all the information about the device, Log-cat & Issue.

But the best part is that, you can see both the Screenshot & Video which was captured during the testing.

Individual Report

This section shows screenshots from test devices. Each device has different Android version, language, screen resolution & DPI. So you can check all the Layout & design issues from different aspects. There are over 15–22 screenshots captured from each Test Device.

Different Locale with RTL
Different Device
Different DPI

If your app has any security issues, it will be shown here after checking the APK.

This feature has been marked as Early Access. So this is just an amazing start! Thanks a lot to the Google Play Team for this feature & making things easier!

I haven’t explored the Customized Tests with Firebase Test Lab yet. So if you do any exploring, share with us!

You can find the app used for testing here -

Official Docs -

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