Dear Republicans, conservatives, independents, undecideds, and anyone else who is willing to listen:

Being a single-issue voter in this election is OK. I promise you. And this is the issue —

You vote for the guy who ISN’T a power-hungry and virulent racist, grifter, fraud, cheat, autocrat, megalomaniac, narcissist, and…

Shortly after the first bombs fell on Baghdad, the FBI began interviewing Iraqis living in the United States. I was one of those people, even though I’m not Iraqi and never have been. More on that in a minute.

(Courtesy Deirdre O’Sullivan)

My father is Indian, my mother Czech. With the exception of…

When I walked through the threshold of the jetliner’s pressure door, I was struck by the sudden change in temperature. The tropical country’s monsoon-season humidity hit me, forming a sheen of moisture on my skin. Even my lungs felt wet. I had finally arrived after an unbearable trip that had…

Arun Kristian Das

Arun has survived TV news, print and digital journalism, and book publishing. He is also a certified running coach and a licensed New York sightseeing guide.

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