Front-end is🤘and JavaScript is 👑
Fredrik Jensen

David Wippel You forgot all the “frontend is simple HTML+CSS”-frontend devs who also want the simple days back!

Fredrik Jensen As much as I hate/love JS as a language, I think the community around it still lacks the maturity. That things like the pad-left issue actually arises, that tiny do-almost-nothing-modules can have tens of dependencies to simply wrap existing language features or that even small applications consuming the community of npm end up with 200++ dependencies.

I think many of these things could be solved by a few, larger “base library” modules. Which, with time, would seldom change, have few breaking changes, be optimized and battle hardened. This is what other major languages have today, which the JS community seems to lack.

Nobody has maintained 10+ year old “business code” in Javascript. This is what all the “big, clumsy enterprisy languages” do all the time, and well. I don’t think JS has what it takes to be on that level yet — simply because tooling, libraries and trends change too often. When you get a new build system every six months, you’re going to be wasting an awful lot of time creating no value at all. I guess only time will tell.

I do, however, completely agree to one thing: Front end development of 2016 is far, far more complex than ten years ago. And far, far more powerful.

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