Dear Child, Would You Like to Go to the Park?

Dad, you have the power to create lasting memories with your child. To be that tooth fairy when they lose their first tooth. To laugh with your child when they tell you a funny story. To comfort your child when her tummy is hurting. To see her smile as you read her favorite bedtime story. To turn that difficult math problem into something easy for him. The next time he sees that same math problem, he sees Dad.

Dad, you have the power to give your child LOVE, COMFORT, and WARMTH. To go to the store and pick out your favorite meal, then come home and cook together. To tuck her into a warm bed that she can call “mine”. To share that moment when your son met a new friend. To comfort him when his best friend has to move. To cry with your son when Dad is sad and is hurting too.

Dad, you have the power to rebuild trust. Your child is wondering if they are “enough” for your needed attention, comfort and support. Your child may have a home, but not a home in your heart. Your child may have a family, but they want you to be a part of it. Your child may be loved, but they are anxiously awaiting for your unconditional LOVE.

Dad, you have the power to be the most important MAN in your CHILD’s life. If only you realize that you are not perfect, but you are human with the power to change things. You have the power to give your child a chance at staying in school, being employed and owning a home. You have the power to not let your child be another statistic of unplanned pregnancy, homelessness or incarceration. You have the power to show your kid how to be a loving parent to their children.

You have the power to change these things. The things that we all so often take for granted, until it is too late. Your child is waiting, hoping and praying right now that today you will pick up the phone and call to hear their sweet voice and innocent giggle. Your child is waiting for you to say “Would you like to go to the park?”