Farewell to Katch

This is major. Not only major to Katch and your 5 person team that shedded 1000s of hours to build this great product, but to the live streaming community in general. As much as I understand the volatility of tech startup and being tied to exit strategies, this is one of those painful moments that every founder, co-founder and early adopter team members suffer the most.

Katch has been my #1 go to tool for preserving my videos. So much that I stopped using DropBox.. I recently started back up my S3 Amazon account prior to this announcement and still on the fence of using other 3rd party services that are saving our content to the cloud.

I know that one a door closes, several more opens. Here is my wishes to the Katch team to use this moment of your business as an opportunity to share your story. Can’t wait to hear about your story in a book :-)