Seen this glitch in Uber?


Uber has fixed this issue, using the drivers as cash hubs

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Uber has been quite busy off late, especially in India! Not only with the new branding, but also with new features and updates. If you haven’t noticed, some users have reported increase in the minimum balance required from ₹200 to ₹300 in their PayTM wallets to call a cab. Also, the concept of personal and business trips was introduced recently.

However, I have been noticing a glitch (bug/design flaw?) ever since cash payment was introduced in India months ago, that hasn’t caught Uber’s attention yet. I am writing this article out of curiosity as to how many others have noticed it before.

Uber’s post-ride payment screen

If you haven’t guessed already, the flow I am talking about is the one where users ride on pre-validated debit/credit cards. But the trips are postpaid essentially. They pay for the ride later. Usually people end up paying for their previous trip, which was postpaid, before they can ride again. When you are booking a ride, a negative balance alert pops up from your previous trip, which you now must pay before you can ride. For this task, you are presented with all your registered payment options and an option to pay by cash.

Once your postpaid ride is done, who will you pay by cash? The driver of your next trip?

But of course it doesn’t work that way. When you try to pay for the previous trip in cash, Uber throws an error saying you can’t pay this trip by cash.

Is this a design glitch? Something that went unnoticed? Or could it be a bug in some form of feature gating that Uber uses for their payment options?

But this triggers another thought. Could Uber possibly devise a system where drivers can also become central cash-collectors? That way users could pay their next driver payment for the previous trip and not have to worry about paying online over poor connectivity and focus their patience towards booking the ride that is needed urgently.