Week One of 52

Author: Aryn Robinson

The first week of 2016 has gone and past, and so far, it’s not gone how I’ve expected. There have already been disappointments and mistakes. I sprained my ankle, I got really excited to go on a date, but he got sick, I was scared shitless because a friend’s dog broke the window when I rang the doorbell, and don’t even get me started about New Year's Eve.

But here’s the thing: that was just one week. One week out of 52. There are many more chances to change things around. Someone told me, if today wasn’t good, tomorrow can be better. I refuse to dwell on little negative things that happen to me. Instead, I’m going to try and realize that yes, what happened wasn’t the greatest, but what about that other thing that really made me happy?

What about brunch with friends, learning life lessons from that awesome professor, seeing old friends and making new ones, and the prospect of an opportunity to travel the nation?

Those are the moments that I want to stand out about 2016. In 358 days, I want to look back and remember all of the wonderful times I had and the beautiful places I went and the new experiences I tried.

It would be a sad life to sit back and only remember the time you embarrassed yourself in front of someone you deemed important rather than the good moments that you shared together.

This has been one week out of 52, and I intend to live out the rest to their fullest.

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