As a Muslim, I am Shocked by Liberals and Leftists
Gatestone Institute

Very informative story!
And very important!

But something else I wanted to bring up — the ‘Reformation of Islam’.

It is really TRUE! Not just ‘tiquia (sp) — Muslims LYING, approved (& mandated by, daily!!) ALLAH!! Allah, the devil, ‘the father of LIES!’ 
Yes, I’ve done some rigorous studying, and there is a sincere attempt by Muslims, people made in the ‘Likeness of God’, like the rest of us, who want to Reform Islam!
Of course, that is very different from the various Christian Reformations, where God worked through Biblical revelation to various Christians, many persecuted for speaking up, to get Christians ‘back on the correct interpretation and application of the Word of God, the Holy Bible’!
These are shown throughout the Bible, Old Testament and New, including God using Jesus and His Teachings from the Word of God, showing the True meaning and Heart of God in the scriptures, including Laws about the Sabbath, which the Jewish leaders often accused Jesus of breaking! 
As you probably know, they sure missed it and even crucified Jesus; judged Him to be a criminal, an impostor — and charged Him with being ‘a blasphemer’!! They didn’t know they were listening to ALLAH (the devil), instead of God! 
The cruel evil devil, INSTEAD of the True Loving Triune God, Jesus

❤ was listening to!!

The ‘Reformation of Islam’ promoted by some Muslims, is for real!! 
But it is very different from Christian reformations!
In my words, it’s purpose is for MANY Muslims who don’t agree with the cruel RADICAL ISLAM that they have in recent years learned the Koran REALLY DOES call for, to be able to STAY in a religion they STILL BELIEVE is the TRUE RELIGION!
Many Muslims in America had and still believe, as in other countries, now called ‘Muslim Countries’, DID NOT KNOW what their Bible, the Koran, actually says! And not too long ago had other books, teaching ‘kind and peaceful’ teachings ABOUT Islam, INSTEAD! They were ‘OFF the Word — the Koran’! 
I know personally some Muslims in my own town of San Angelo, TX. They ‘don’t want to’, for instance, honor kill their teen daughter

if she at times appears worldly, as she goes to public school with all her friends. 
That is just one example, using a personal experience of mine, that I believe Jesus (God) provided for me, to help me understand this very difficult situation.
 I was talking with a local convenience store owner named John, whom I initially thought was Hispanic, and while in conversation with him as I was killing time while waiting for my bus, eventually discovered that he was Muslim.
 I think he could tell, with my being so loving and friendly, that it didn’t matter to me WHO or of WHAT religion, etc he was!

That is Jesus!!

❤ And us, His disciples!
I believe St Paul is an excellent New Testament example/picture of God’s will for us, to be reaching out in love, as Jesus’

❤ disciples and representatives! 
I talked with John, and without meaning to, really put him on the spot when I asked him if he would ‘honor kill’ his daughter, if it seemed she wasn’t totally adhering to Islam. 
He hung his head, and then said he would have to send her away, outside America, …

We talked. It was very pitiful!!

And the next time I went to wait in John’s store for the bus, he told me I couldn’t. It was obvious he was afraid! I hate Allah (the devil!!) A cruel master of DECEIT!! 
Doing research in this area, I’ve come to learn that years ago, probably, by far, MOST Muslims in America, for instance, would have been genuinely shocked if I told them that ‘Honor Killing’ was a prominent requirement of their religion! 
As Muslims learn more about the religion they had believed for many years, for generations, and are now finding out what is definitely the TRUE ISLAM, from the Koran, VERY DIFFERENT than what they had previously thought, these Muslims are now STUCK!
They need to OBEY their Bible, the Koran, and Allah! What do they do??
As I have studied it, and learned more and more over these last couple years, I am glad to see there truly is a Muslim movement out to ‘Reform Islam’! I thought maybe it was a trick — because they do that very much! Taquia — LIE ‘to spread the religion!’ 
But it’s not a trick!!
In basic Christian language, what we DO NOT want to do, because the Judeo/Christian Bible is TRUE; for Muslims to ‘reform the ‘true biblical Koran’ religion of Islam’ is GOOD!! 
It’s GOOD for them to ‘get off the supposed Word of God (of Allah!)’ the KORAN!! And be able to live as human beings who don’t have it in their hearts to kidnap, rape, and murder the Infidels’ — ALL, who aren’t true Islamists!!

No’ne Darwish, a former Muslim now Christian, has some good eye-opening writings on this — The ‘Reformation of Islam!’ It’s NOT a trick! 
CAIR of America = LIARS! (Pray for them!) Different than those seeking to REFORM ISLAM! 
BTW, I’m a fan of Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch! He is a loving man who exposes the truth about Islam!! And also explains that there is NO moderate Islam! (a CAIR lie!) Not in line with the Koran!
But I believe he would agree MOST Muslims do not want to be radical Islamists! They are STUCK!!!

And that there is such a thing as a genuine move to bring into existence a ‘Reformed Islam’.
But HOW??
By countries having a secular government that mandates ‘Freedom of Religion’ for ALL! 
This is included in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. YES!!
As many people still alive today, in (or formerly in) now called ‘Muslim countries’, used to live under! INSTEAD of Shariah Law!!
I believe it would be a step toward the TRUE Faith — because in countries governed by a secular government that mandates and truly protects the ‘Freedom of Religion’, the Christian religion can also flourish there, and the Gospel be freely shared!

Praise the Lord!! 
“Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!! (Luke 1:37) who loves

us ALL!

With Jesus’ ❤ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)

Jesus Loves YOU!!

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