Application of Annealed glass

This article looks at the numerous applications of annealed glass for aesthetical and glamorous interiors.

The visual beauty of glass makes it an extremely attractive option for every space. Be it residential or commercial, an increasing number of establishments can be seen lining up for elegant glass solutions to elevate their décor. Modern glass, with its numerous aesthetic and functional benefits can also be seen replacing mundane solutions like concrete and stone for sustainable and stylish solutions.

Initially, though associated only with fragility and a plain transparent look, glass has come a long way to emerge as a leading style and glamour solution. Further, modern glass has evolved into a multi-purpose solution offering insulation, privacy, safety and security benefits. However, before the glass can be processed for any of those features, it needs to be annealed. Annealing is the first step of any glass solution also known as float glass which is manufactured by setting molten glass in large tins to create long thin glass sheets. This glass is then treated further based on one’s requirements.

Here, the float or annealed glass is cooled down slowly to reduce internal stresses in the material. Without this process, the glass can crack or be damaged easily with the slightest impact. When installed in windows, an unprocessed glass can also be damaged due to sudden or extreme temperature changes. The process of cooling this glass in a slow and controlled manner, adds to its strength and durability. In addition, this float glass can be cut, drilled and edged for completely customisable solutions as required by an individual.

Annealed glass can be used across interiors in various ways to enhance the décor and functionality of the space. However, one should be careful when installing this solution in high impact locations as on damage it breaks into long sharp shards which can be quite injurious and also difficult to clean up.

Popular applications of annealed glass

Interior doors and windows

Annealed glass is a leading choice for several interior solutions as it is quite budget-friendly and versatile. Further, in low impacts areas and paces where traffic movement is low, this glass solution is an ideal fit for the doors and windows. Also, in spaces where security is not a concerned or where break-ins are tough to take place, annealed glass works great for the windows and doors as it is more economical than toughened glass.

However, in spaces that require additional security, annealed glass can be used in laminated form. In this solution, two glass sheets are fused together with a PVB interlayer adding to its strength and durability. In case of breakage, the long shards do not come apart but remain stuck in place on the interlayer.

In addition, annealed glass work perfectly in double-glazed windows. Here, two or more glass sheets are combined with vacuum or air trapped between them. This trapped air acts as a layer of insulation while also adding to the durability and strength of the window. Heat and sound transfer is greatly reduced with this double window solution promoting comfortable interiors. However, this solution may require thicker frames to be installed first depending on the number of glass sheets being used.

Stunning glass furniture

The addition of annealed glass can transform a boring storage space into a stylish wardrobe instantly. Further, it can also be used for table tops, cabinet shelves and wardrobe doors. Additionally, malls and retail shops can also use this glass solution for their display counters or showcases. As annealed glass can be customised in numerous designs and patterns, it can be installed in any space in a unique manner. Be it residential or commercial, individuals can customise this flexible material to reflect their style and personality.

Innovative and eye-catching curved solutions

A stylish property of this glass is that it can also be available in a curved form. In spaces where eye-catching aesthetics are essential for good business, this glass solution can give you the edge you need. It can be processed and designed after being curved allowing for unique and creative solutions. Additionally, commercial establishments can distinguish themselves from their competitors and attract a larger clientele with this innovative solution.

Thus, annealed glass can be used in several unique and stylish ways to enhance the décor and comfort of your space. In addition, it is extremely easy to maintain and eco-friendly adding to its allure. For more information on this glass kindly contact a leading glass supplier in your city.