Enjoy complete privacy with aesthetic glass solutions

This article looks at modern glass solutions that add aesthetic charm and privacy to your interiors.

The evolution of glass into a versatile and sustainable material has every architect and designers adopting this solution in various ways. Be it different types of glass windows, interior partitions or even the exterior façade of a building, glass has now become synonymous with style and modern design. However, while the reflective brilliance of this material can add the perfect amount of brightness and aesthetic charm to a space, a lot of individuals are concerned about their privacy.

Glass windows and doors are covered with dark drapes or blinds compromising the interior design or simply replaced with block materials that do not allow any light to pass through. However, now with innovative privacy glass solutions, individuals can enjoy interior privacy and stunning aesthetics with a single glass solution. Some of the popular options here include:

Frosted glass

A leading privacy glass for various applications, frosted glass is an interior designer’s delight. This cloudy and obscure glass prevents people from looking in while still allowing for a small amount of light to pass through. When used in windows, it retains the interior privacy of the space while also protecting one from the harsh glare of the sun.

In addition, frosted glass can also be used in a variety of applications in the interiors. Partitions made from frosted glass add to the aesthetics of the space without compromising on privacy. Office spaces that need to segregate teams without dividing them can use this glass which also looks impressive during client visits.

Additional, shower enclosure made from frosted glass add glamour and style to the bathroom while allowing individuals to feel at ease. This feature has been gaining widespread popularity in the hospitality sector as well as in residence areas.

Smart glass

A stunning combination of science and architecture, smart glass solutions like Swytchglas are perfect for spaces that require privacy at certain times. In this solution, a clear glass is fitted that transforms into an opaque solution at the click of a button. Thus, when not activated, one can enjoy the reflective brilliance and cohesiveness brought in by transparent glass. This solution works wonders in several places like office cabins, conference halls, bedroom windows etc.

The hospitality industry can adopt smart glass solutions in the windows to offer guests complete privacy when desired without interrupting their view. Drapes and blinds can collect a lot of dust and also get tangled, looking like a cluttered mess. This often takes away from the interior décor of the room affecting the overall experience of the guest. Instead, with a Swytchglas window, guests can enjoy the complete view in the mornings and simply activate the glass to keep their interiors private.

Glass solutions with integrated blinds

For those individuals that personally prefer blinds drawn across their windows for a complete privacy solution, modern glass manufacturers have the perfect solution. Here, the blinds are integrated in the glass window giving it a stylish and non-cluttered look. As the blinds are encased in glass, one doesn’t have to worry about dust or dirt accumulating on them. Further, with a click of a button, individuals can open or close the blinds, choosing when to enhance their privacy.

In places like doctor’s clinics and office cabins, this privacy solution is a perfect match. During a consultation, a patient is sure to feel extremely uncomfortable if they are visible from the waiting room. Yet being completely enclosed in a room made of a wooden door with the doctor may not be the ideal solution. Instead, with integrated blinds, doctors can respect their patient’s privacy while maintaining cohesiveness.

Similarly, when used in office cabins, this solution combines the approachability of glass with the privacy of blinds. As an added advantage, these blinds can also be activated partially to limit the view without completely blocking it.

Thus, whether you are in need of a particular type of glass window or a privacy partition for your interior space, modern glass has a solution for you. A reputed glass manufacturer in your city can help advise you on the latest trends as well as guide you on the perfect solution for your space and requirements. As glass is completely versatile, it can also be customised to offer your interiors a unique and modern look.