Ascended Breath
May 15, 2018 · 5 min read

Gotta Love Humanity

Humans have entangled themselves within a web of anxiety, stress, poverty and violence. They imprudently choose to identify themselves with all manner of superstition and imaginary belief, all of which serve only to support the illusion of separation on their planet.

They no longer experience the feeling of natural joy within their being. They do not cooperate among themselves and have chosen to accept perpetual struggle with their internal and external environments in the search for what they already are: the feeling of the universe.

They may sleep if they possess wealth and the necessary resources to survive, but they can never truly rest; they must maintain what they have acquired, and at all costs, retain the resources to continue enriching themselves.

This is how humans teach themselves to behave. Instead of turning course from the dictates of their compulsory "buy or starve" system, they march on, into soul destroying oblivion.

Blindly? I cannot say for sure, but they seem to revel in their bondage. 'How so', you may ask.

They choose to labor and war unnecessarily between themselves. They have hopelessly fallen--made themselves small meaningless creatures, trading their time on earth as supreme beings in exchange for the acquisition of riches and comfort.

They take themselves for granted and manifest their own destruction. At times, the humans give tiny segments of their own kind enormous amounts of power with which to control the rest of the group.

They then all miserably complain about the awfulness of their slavery. They erect imaginary institutions designed to hi-jack each other's minds and manufacture predictability in all thoughts and actions.

Corporations, governments, for-profit educational centers (e.g. colleges), and other authoritarian structures are "lawfully" justified on their planet.

When challenged, those humans advantaged by power lament, "But, it is not our problem if they who work for us and make us rich cannot feed themselves well, educate themselves well, or dress themselves well. If they die in misery and pain, so be it. Only the strong survive!" This is how humans reason.

Each successive generation embraces and perpetuates this psychotic reasoning, which is responsible for their neurotic social order. It is in fact, an order which brings under domination, every inhabitant within their planet, rich or poor, weak or powerful.

Many of their own lack the resources necessary to live meaningful lives within the group. Their cries are euthanized in silence and heinous neglect.

As the earth’s lands have been appropriated by small circles of concentrated power, all are not permitted to freely plant and farm upon the earth as they see fit.

They may not find and purify planetary water sources without resistance from others of their own kind. This savage selfishness is a blatant denial of the right to sufficient livelihood.

Food, clothing, shelter, and good education are essential to all of humanity. All have a right to sufficiently partake of a world that does not charge humans to live.

I am here to proclaim that NO wage is acceptable for a thriving human being. No human need ever work for a wage again. No human need ever live as the economic property of another human.

It is a lie to believe that we must "earn" survival. Humans do not need to struggle among themselves for the right to exist and to benefit abundantly from their Earth--especially in light of modern advances in machine technology.

As the necessary activities for human survival become increasingly mechanized and automated, man could live in camaraderie along side his brothers and sisters in support of a loving community.

This is vastly different--much less stressful and wasteful--from a lifetime of valueless labor designed to enrich the lot of political and economic overclasses.

The order of the day is to decide collectively within their communities that they will bind together to fix their own potholes, educate their own children, police their own streets, and provide their own food and clothing. That they overtly coerce and force their own kind into subjagatory roles reflects the neuroticism of man.

Salaries, health insurance, dental plans, even raises and company "picnics", all are dummy concessions which serve as the ultimate slap in the face to the free being.

One who understands the truly limitless nature of their own potential, the incalculable intelligence and immeasurable awareness that pervades the human being--this one cannot fall to their knees at the feet of another for want of their survival.

This one must fight the best way she knows how to inspire others to get up; to take back their lives. Those who choose to perpetuate this system of death and torment among mankind must be made to see that many beings will no longer continue to stand idly by as their world is demolished.

These beings must be creative and devise ways to peacefully infiltrate the lock box of hate, greed, and tyranny, expose it to all, and perish its contents. As a point of note, this must be done collectively with assistance from as many beings on the earth as possible.

It must begin on an internal level with a commitment to ourselves and our neighbors to share our resources and make sure each has access to what is needed to thrive.

It must eventually manifest externally through ongoing acts of unity and humble defiance in the face of those who represent hatred and separation.

It is to the benefit of mankind that all beings thrive. This ensures the most wholesome contributions to humanity's uplifting.

Why do humans force themselves to toil in factories and retail shops for survival? Why do we force ourselves to "earn" the right to acquire what the Earth produces--in abundant freeness?

This tragedy occurs because some humans are motivated by the acquisition of power and promote scarcity to gain it. At the expense of those around them, some will expend their energies to manipulate and regulate the actions and thoughts of others.

Belief in the idea of scarcity--the notion that resources are limited and unreplenishable--leads to a general feeling of fear; of panic and unease, of lack.

How is it that one may experience the energy pattern of lack on a planet where food is abundant and plentiful? And is there not land enough for all people to live spaciously and comfortably?

These are my observations regarding man’s status upon this planet. I’m open to discussion and replies. We can change the world through dynamic dialogue. Namaste.

Kalin “Ascended Breath” Williams has a vision for a much higher quality world. He works to convey his ideas to anyone who might listen and writes to open hearts and minds to our true potential as beings charity, peace, and unconditional love. He resides in Atlanta.

You can purchase his book, You Are Divine Awareness: Essays For A New Global Consciousness, here.

For the Kindle version, go here.


~Ascended Breath

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