Bringing a Drone Services Contractor onto your Construction Site

What Should You Ask For?

It’s almost 2017. Competition in construction is intensifying — not subsiding. Like a young Jedi first learning to sense the Force, you can feel there is excess cost all around you — indeed, flowing through you. It’s impacting your P&L. You’ve been hearing more and more about this ‘drone thing’ and want to see if it can help. And after finding a local drone services provider who can speak your lingo, you’re faced with an obvious dilemma: what specifically should I ask them to do for me?

Stop Small Problems from Becoming Big Ones

A great place to start is to have your drone services contractor provide a 2D Orthomosaic map of the entire site. When a 2D CAD design of the work site is overlaid on top of the ortho-map, you’ll be able to detect surveying errors. Catch an error like this early, and it’s mostly an annoyance. Poor some new concrete and get on with your life. But if you catch one late, well, now you’re looking at $500K -$1M headache. The net benefit of the ortho-map + CAD overlay is that it helps prevent re-work.

End of Project Checks

Incorporating thermal inspections of the building in order to uncover cracks or leaks is likely a standard practice in your site commissioning process. Drones happen to be a much more cost effective means of acquiring this data. Ask your service provider what kind of payloads they have experiencing using. Some great options in this category include the FLIR Vue Pro or FLIR T640 camera with a DJI S1000 drone asset.

Managing the Flow in Incoming Material

You’ll want to plan your material deliveries effectively, so staying on top of the work site clearing & flattening process is important. Your drone services provider can fly weekly missions over the job site in order to collect information on contour lines and bulldozer activity — helping you estimate how many cubic feet of dirt has been moved during site flattening.

Hey, it’s Cool!

Last, but certainly not least, your drone services contractor can collect video of your sites to be used in old school marketing and branding. Let’s face it — aerial video of your in-progress work sites grab attention. Don’t be afraid to use it.

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