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1 Introduction

Today we officially released the ASCH v1.5.0-beta+4, which is the fourth iteration of v1.5.0 on the testnet.

The update mainly involves two parts, one is bugfix and fine grammar adjustment of smart contracts, the other is adjustment of consensus mechanism.

The consensus mechanism has changed a lot. Although the original operation interface of the web client is usable, it is not convenient enough. In order to enable community members to better participate in node election and voting, we have developed a special web app for node voting. Please click here to participate in the test.

In addition, AschPay has iterated to v1.1.9, which is a chrome plug-in for the convenience of ASCH dApps’ developers and users. It is also needed for the node voting app. You can access to the chrome app store to download and install. Or turn to aschcdn to download it locally and install it manually (you need to turn on chrome developer mode).

2. Updates

· Adjusted the number of consensus nodes (block-producing node) to 21

· Each account can only vote for one delegate, and is free to change voted target after casting the vote.

· Removed agent voting mechanism

· Fixed bugs in resource billing mechanism

· Adjusted Gas billing rules for smart contracts

· Added sender, lastBlock information in contract context

· Adjusted Transfer interface in smart contracts

· Improved type check of contract parameters

· Added interface declaration for complex structure of contract method parameters and return values

· Added constant declaration (keyword const)

· Support for optional members in state class

· Contract methods must explicitly declare the return value type

· Non-default asset receiving methods support additional parameters and return values

3. Node Installation

3.1 Install from installation package


tar zxf

cd asch-linux-1.5.0-beta+4-testnet

./aschd start

3.2 Install from source code

git clone

cd asch

git checkout v1.5.0-beta+4

npm install

cp config-testnet.json config.json

./aschd start

If you need more documentation or guidance, please refer to asch-docs

Click here for details on node installation and maintenance documentation


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