Weekly Report (Apr 13 — Apr 19)

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Technical Updates


  • Asch 1.5 overall is going smoothly

Asch 1.5

  • Released a new test version (pay interface adjustment and status query interface)
  • Released detailed documentation for smart contract development environment installation
  • Added built-in log interface in smart contract engine
  • Developed large transaction broadcast function
  • Adjusted asch-core to support new accounts without XAS to invoke smart contracts (consuming developer Gas)
  • v1.5 consensus test environment — fixed group and group member creation and tested v1.5 consensus test environment
  • Design of data migration algorithm involved in one token-one vote mechanism
  • Technical support for developer community

AschWeb 0.2

  • Added council API in AschWeb, fixed bugs and released version 0.2.8
  • Refactored Aschpay and released version 1.1.7
  • Updated documentations of AschWeb, Aschpay and http-api

AschEx 1.0

  • Added interface for deposit and withdrawal (two inserts, 4 queries)
  • Fixed several bugs discovered during the testing process

Marketing and Operations Updates

  • On the evening of April 19th, William Yin, ASCH’s operations director, represented the ASCH team for a quarterly live broadcast to the community.
  • Institutions such as the Huobi Mining Pool join the node campaign this week. We welcome more candidates to join this delegate election. Please click here for the election rules.
  • In order to familiarize the developers participating in the hackathon faster with the ASCH development platform and prepare for the competition, MiiX and ASCH Chain held a technical community meetup in Beijing and Hangzhou respectively. ASCH founder Qingfeng Shan attended the meetup and shared the development of typescript smart contract originally developed by ASCH.

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