Weekly Report (May 6 — May 12)

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Technical Updates

Asch 1.5

  • Completed the adaptation of asch-java to 1.4x transaction interface.
  • Completed the asch-java usage sample code.
  • Investigated the use of libp2p components and completed the sample code.
  • Fixed the translation problem of smart contract.
  • Fixed the problem of abnormal fee allocation algorithm caused by resource collateral mechanism.

ASCH Delegate Election Page

  • Fixed an issue where the voting interface check box could not be selected in English version.
  • Moved the Delegate settings function to the personal center page and remove the agent settings function.
  • Completed the front-end and back-end coordination of the delegate voting page.

Marketing and Operations Updates

  • In order to enrich ASCH’s ecosystem, we are following up on the DApps listed below.

1. Buyer Show: Under developing.

2. Monster Hunt: Finished the first round of testing.

3. QuickBlock: Preparing migration to ASCH.

4. Aschkillers: Preparing development on testnet.

5. Mushroom fight: Game logic design has finished, now preparing the development on testnet.

6. A Decentralized medical knowledge system: Under early stage preparation.

7. Red packet rain: Preparing migration to ASCH.

9. Coin Empire: Preparing migration to ASCH.

10. ChainMe: A E-commerce platform that allow people to earn money while shopping and gaming.

  • The voting page of the ASCH delegate will be start public testing by this week, and we hope that the community can actively participate in it. For active participants, there is a chance to receive ASCH souvenirs (notebooks, t-shirts, coins, hats, etc.).

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