Leadership — The Robin Sharma’s Way!

Well, the introduction of Robin Sharma into my life was what I can call as destiny. It all happened during my college days when I started reading books. Till then, I’ve tried reading a lot of books, but never completed one. None of those comics or fictions ever interested me. But luckily, one day, when I was at a book store, picked up the book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” (probably my first book which I have completed) and that’s where it all started.Since then, I have been a huge fan of him, his books and his work.

Since I have read some of his books, listened to some of his podcasts and watched some of his videos I would like to summarize five key points which he keeps mentioning in his work..

1. Think Big:

Think Big, Start Small, Act now!
The Quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.

So to lead a quality life, start thinking big!

Start thinking like a leader to improve the leader inside you!

2. Fear of failure:

Once you start thinking big, its a general tendency that a “fear of failure” starts its game from inside, for which Robin gives a clear solution..

There is nothing called as failure or mistake.. They are all opportunities for every individual to learn and advance in the path of self mastery!

So just see them as learning opportunities, nothing bigger than that.


This one is my favourites. Once we start thinking big and getting over the fear of failure, We start to face “Change”.

To be a leader, is to be the change you want to be..

So he quotes,

All Change is Hard in the Beginning, Messy in the Middle but Gorgeous in the End!

Most of us have tried to change to be our role models we wanted to be, but found the change hard and might have stopped it. Some of us might have made it till the mid way, found it messy and went off track, But very few of us stay in the change for a long period to see how gorgeous its gonna be in the end!


This is again a term which is used for a Leader and Leadership. The world counts great leaders considering their rate of success! But seriously, that never matters. None of the world class leaders started from success, they all went through a lot of failures before seeing success.

He quotes:

Measure your success by how happy you are, not by how many things you have!

I would like to put it this way, Failure is the thing which we hate the most generally, but over a course of time, will introduce us to Success.

So..Try,fail,learn,succeed that should be the general formula. Ive also read a famous quote stating that

If you are not failing at what you are doing, you are not trying!

5.Lead without a Title:

This is his Trademark sentence. We never require a title to lead. Its a general misconception people holding high leadership/managerial/CEO posts are only allowed to lead. But Robin’s philosophy is against this. We dont require titles to lead.

Say for example, your friends get together at your home, and you decide to prepare lunch together. If you start guiding all of them how to do and what to do, you are leading there without any title.

If you are travelling with your friends/family in a vehicle to a location generally thinking the person in the driver’s seat will lead us to our destination, but if it is you sitting beside him or behind him who is giving the directions where to go and how to go, you are leading there without any title..

If your Team lead has given your team a job and if you take the responsibility to help your fellow team mates to get the job done in time, you are there again leading without any title!!

So to sum it up.. Leadership is not about the title you have, its about the character you possess!Everyone can be a great leader!!