8 Things to Keep in Mind as a Woman

It’s a tough world out there and navigating through it can be difficult. Here’s a guide for all the ladies to keep in mind when out in the big bad world.

  1. Refrain from wearing revealing clothing. You may have a new LBD, or a cute pair shorts that you want to wear with a summer tank given it’s extremely hot outside. But, be warned you will come off as asking for “it.”
  2. Don’t cover up too much. Honestly nobody likes a boring prude. Plus if you’re covered up too much someone might think you’re a terrorist!
  3. Smile. You owe it to the world to show them your pearly white teeth. If you’re having a bad day, suck it up. Who wants to see your scowling face? Not me!
  4. Whistling is a compliment. If you’re walking down the street and someone happens to think you’re looking particularly beautiful that day, let them whistle at you. It’s not meant to be offensive.
  5. Kids and work don’t mix. If you have kids, do not talk about them at work. People will think you’re soft and unable to do your job.
  6. Don’t be bossy. There’s a difference between tact and tacky. Approach situations with poise or you risk coming off as aggressive. Instead of using strong and commanding language, especially in the office, try beginning suggestions with “this might stupid, but…” or “just thinking out loud…”
  7. He will call you. Not the other way around. Never ever call a guy first. If he is interested he will call you.
  8. Don’t wear your engagement ring. When interviewing for a job, remember to leave your engagement ring at home. You may not get the job if you are wearing it. High maintenance women wear their engagement rings to interviews. And, what if your ring is bigger than the other women? They won’t like you. Best to leave it at home!

Hope everyone finds these tips helpful!

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