As a passionate human rights advocate, Aseil Al-Shehail is working to raise awareness for the UN Treaty Bodies and the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Aseil Al-Shehail is an independent consultant. …

Aseil Al-Shahail on how international corporations can save our children’s futures

Throughout the world, there are areas where human rights are being restricted. Countries need to work together in order to repair these problems and to return political, social, and economic liberties to their people.

These causes are championed by Aseil Al-Shehail. Al-Shahail is a consultant and human rights advocate. She…

Around the world, there are many areas where attention must be paid to basic human rights. From the right to life and liberty to freedom of work and education, there are many areas where human rights can be improved. Aseil Al-Shehail, independent consultant and human rights advocate, shares the meaning…

Aseil Al-Shehail

I have served on boards of numerous international organizations. An advocate of human rights with a strong focus on issues relegated to children's rights.

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