Plastic Bags

You’re living in one

We all use plastic bags in our everyday lives.

We don’t realize it.

Believe it or not when you were first born you were free, a tiny creature entering this universe with a cry. Why do babies cry when they’re first born ?

You don’t remember that day. Did you first wear blue or pink ? What about your plastic bag? Was it there ?

It’s wrapped around your head blocking all your senses only allowing you to see, breath, smell, hear and touch what’s inside of it. Many of us don’t know this but plastic bags are made out of hate,negativity and war. If you read on the back it says that your plastic bag may contain the lack or creativity and knowledge. Always read labels before you buy anything!


That plastic bag is called society.

See, life is the greatest gift that was given to you and all of us as beings and humans. We created amazing things like planes, cars, phones and recycling bins to protect our nature and save the future of our earth. How can we possibly do that in a bag made out of plastic ? We keep breathing the same dirty air every second of the day.

Think outside of the plastic bag

Once you realize how beautiful our world is outside the plastic bag you’ll live your happiest life. All your dreams and passions are waiting for you outside.

Stop living inside that plastic bag because you were meant to chase the invisible because, yes, you can see what other people don’t.

It’s time to take that plastic bag off and breath the fresh air.

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