Japan-based technology corporation Sony and Fujitsu, an IT equipment services firm, have developed an encrypted database for educational proficiency documents, according to a report by The Asahi Shimbun

The database is reported to use blockchain technology, and its goal is to prevent language proficiency documents from being forged since some foreigners purportedly use these fake documents to receive resident status so they can study in Japan.

To be granted resident status to study in Japan foreigners are required to submit a Japanese language proficiency certificate to the Immigration Bureau. …

Although the bitcoin price has dropped, those who are a fan of the cryptocurrency remain hopeful that it will continue to rise. For example, Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter and Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla have both praised bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is also touting bitcoin, saying that in spite of the massive bitcoin sell-off, he still experiments with bitcoin and thinks there has been a lot of value creation since the bitcoin bubble burst

Speaking to Bloomberg Wozniak stated that although we have seen massive value destruction, there has also been…

China is working to secure its place as the next leader in space exploration. They currently have engineers working to build powerful solar sails that can travel vast distances

Even though it has been nearly five decades since humans first landed on the moon, the technology for getting astronauts to leave Earth’s atmosphere is mostly unchanged. It still relies on rocket power. There have been numerous suggested alternatives over the years, but for now, the majority are only theories or limited to lab experiments.

Nevertheless, space itself is home to many alternatives that would eliminate the need for a finite…

A geomagnetic storm watch has been announced by the US Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) for February 27 and February 28. The solar storm forecast is due to a massive hole splitting the Sun’s corona open

The Sun’s corona is an outer layer of energized gas called plasma, which extends for millions of miles into space. The corona traps charged particles that escape the Sun, but sometimes these particles are released through coronal hole tears. For instance, a minor geomagnetic storm has been caused due to a gaping hole in the Sun’s corona that took place today.

The SWPC stated…

The world’s first-ever interplanetary “mole,” one of the instruments on the InSight mission, began digging into the surface of Mars last night. The mole will be the first robotic instrument to measure the flow of heat on another planet, providing scientists with insights into the formation of the red planet.

“Unlike, say, a camera, which we’ve flown hundreds on various missions, there hasn’t been anything like the mole before,” said Troy Hudson, an instrument systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

The mole, known as the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Probe, was placed on the surface by InSight

The European Space Agency has used their Mars Express satellite to capture some photos that demonstrate the marks an ancient network of rivers left on the Red Planet’s surface

The valleys formed as they would here on our planet, caused by a steady flow of water sculpting its way through the landscape.

However, it is unknown where that water originated from. As a result of a lack of knowledge of Mars’s past climate, scientists do not know if the water was groundwater, precipitation, melting glaciers, or something we don’t even know about yet.

NASA’s newest mission aims to assist scientists in understanding and, ultimately, forecasting the different space weather system around Earth. Space weather can have broad impacts on our planet that affect technology and astronauts. Sometimes it can cause disruptions to radio communications, and when it’s most severe, it can even knock out entire power grids

For the first time, NASA’s new mission will gather global observations of an essential cause of space weather in an active area of Earth’s upper atmosphere that can result in interference with radio and GPS communications.

The Atmospheric Waves Experiment (AWE) mission comes at the price…

NASA scientists recently simulated the reaction that happens when solar wind hits the moon at a speed of 450 kilometers per second, discovering that protons from the wind interact with electrons on the lunar surface to form hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen then bonds with oxygen atoms in the silica-rich moon dust to form the hydroxyl molecule — a vital component for hydration. Their results have been published in the JGR Planets journal

“Understanding the water content in the Moon’s surface and its thin atmosphere is of interest for space missions,” wrote the researchers. As NASA gears up to send crewed…

by Kerry Hebden

When scientists finally get to sample alien life, what will they see? Will their genetic structure mimic ours or will it be wildly different? How different can DNA be? It turns out that the familiar DNA double helix structure that is essential for life on this planet could be bigger with more crammed in.

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a chemical made up of two long molecules, arranged in a spiral and it carries all the instructions that a living organism needs to grow, reproduce and function.

This microscopic ‘book’ of life is tucked away…

Enrico Palermo is part of a team in California’s the Mojave Desert working to build and test the aircraft as they get ready to shuttle tourists to space. Last Friday the spaceship designed by Virgin Galactic reached the “edge of space” for the second time in three months, indicating the slow transition from test flights to scheduled services, according to Palermo.

The SpaceShipTwo is a reusable craft, engineered to hold six passengers on a suborbital flight, that will attain an altitude of 100 kilometers above Earth.


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