- Suzanne Collins


Late in the afternoon of this horrendous day, Elisa invited me over to her place. Don‟t ask me why, because I don‟t know about it myself. We had planned to have a reunion before graduation next month, but thankfully, Jase isn‟t coming. And so, I and Elisa get to meet each other alone. We‟ve known each other for more than ten years now. Every time something happened, Elisa was involved in it. I still don‟t understand the pleasure of being involved in anything. Of course, being an introvert does help a lot too. I haven‟t figured out yet how Elisa and I get along so well. We are like the poles of a magnet. Two opposites. She loves going out and I love books. She loves socialising and I love staying to myself. To be easier with you now, she is an extrovert and I am an introvert like I aforementioned.

Life is fun while reading books. Books are not just a part of my life, THEY ARE MY LIFE.

Elisa‟s house is like this; it‟s huge and has a beautiful garden around it. She is like super rich. I am not

jealous or something, but yeah, I love being rich. I am on my way to her house now. The road to her house is way too long. I finally reached with bruises and mental disorders. Elisa welcomed me home with a stupid grin which I fell for ten years back.

I asked her why she invited me. She called me over, in my busy schedule, to take me to a movie! Oh my God! When will I ever get over with this crap? We‟ve been doing nothing except going to movies for the past one month. Both of us love the idea of Graduation, but the idea of separation, well….. Ruins the whole thought. Elisa is going to Alaska to study psychology. I am going to Florida to study Aeronautical Engineering. We were planning to stay back here, in California, but our parents wanted us to move out of here and move to the northern or the southern US.

Elisa started this stupid argument which didn‟t even make sense. I continued it. What else can I do? Listen to the senselessness in her words? No way. That is totally not me.

We reached the bizarre movie theatre after a trail of arguments. She as usual won. Never mind that. The

movie was romantic ( the usual ending where the girl finally falls in love with the boy after a „long‟ inner battle, wherein she goes and tells him that she didn‟t realize the love she had for him before and the boy finally feels happy and dances in the rain and gets drenched horrifically.) and I was sitting there, next to Elisa, trying to get the hell out of there. Elisa didn‟t even let me out of the theater to go get refreshments because she knew I would escape somehow. I am typically the guy who loves action plus romantic movies. Thriller too. Even the books I read have this amazing genre.

We went to the ice cream parlor after that horrible movie. Trust me; I didn‟t like it at all. The ice cream was fine, but I had to pay, so it wasn‟t. I have never let Elisa pay for anything we do together. It just doesn‟t feel right. Elisa is like this person who loves to boss around. But she doesn‟t, because she knows I don‟t like it. People think she is cool, funny and awesome. HAHA! I am the only one who knows her true self; stupid, caring and annoying. We guys go for shopping and window shopping every weekend. I have seriously never understood women‟s trend in

fashion.BURN!!!! I am forced to do all girly stuff, whereas she doesn‟t do the boyish kind.

God! Every time we go for shopping, I end up buying more stuff for her, than for myself. I don‟t say that‟s bad. It makes me feel happy when I see her smiling or laughing or being happy. We fight like sister and brother, love like husband and wife and annoy each other like best friends. The relationship both of us have is a pure one.

She makes up for every fight we have. I get so emotional at times, that I forget to apologize. Angry is my thing and sweet is her thing.

I always get jealous when I see her dating someone. It is not the love kind of jealousy. It is just possessiveness towards her. I always want her to be with me and give importance to me, not to someone else! It makes me want to whack that guy‟s face. I just don‟t want to do it because I know that he makes her happy. I don‟t literally mean anything though. The thing about Elisa is that, she gets into a relationship real quick, and then she figures out it won‟t work well with him, and so she dumps him. I think that‟s very

rude of her to do so. I won‟t say that she is heartless. She has a huge heart.

We just had fifteen days left for Graduation. The thought kept on hitting me hard on the chest. It was a new feeling; the feeling of losing her, the feeling that I would never see her again. Everything around me suddenly didn‟t make sense anymore. All that mattered was, Elisa. This was something very new to me. And all of a sudden something struck me quick as a lightning could; I loved her. There was nothing that mattered. Nothing at all, except that I loved Elisa. I didn‟t believe it. I will never believe it because she is my best friend and will always be my best friend.

And then, this thought was lost in the wilderness of the many thoughts I had.

Elisa came over for dinner to my place. We had macaroni with red sauce. My mom made it just because she knew Elisa and I loved it. Later that night, Elisa called me up to say that she will be leaving to Alaska the next day after graduation. I was broken. I couldn‟t bear it any longer. I didn‟t want her to know what I felt about her. I wanted to

forget that she existed, because I knew if I didn‟t I am going to keep writhing in pain my entire life.

For the next fifteen days, life was dark. I didn‟t pick up any calls from Elisa, told my mom to tell her I had frequent classes, didn‟t meet her after school, never replied to her messages and never spoke to her a single word. It hurt me a lot to do so. I didn‟t know what she was thinking about me. Life was very complicated. Presumably, she forgot me over these days of silence. I didn‟t want that to happen. I wanted her to think about me every single moment of her life.

Then came Graduation day. Everyone was happy about going to different places, making new friends and stuff like that. The only people, who were depressed, were Elisa and me. It was hard to let those happy moments leave me in a second. I didn‟t want to think about anything else except the fact that I loved her irrevocably and unconditionally. I didn‟t want her to go to Alaska. I wanted her to be with me till my existence.

I called her up at midnight. My hands were trembling. I was waiting to hear to her voice after a dreadful

two weeks. I couldn‟t stand my emotions any longer. I wanted to yell, scream and make sure I don‟t cry or make her cry. I was desperately trying to catch my breath before I could do anything stupid. But, my emotions weren‟t in my control. They were controlling me. Tears stormed out of my eyes. I felt like a cloud after the water cycle, trying to let go of the water inside of me.

She picked up and said Hello. I started talking like an idiot. “Hey Elisa! I am so sorry for all these days of loneliness and unhappiness. Please don‟t go to Alaska. Please. I can‟t live without you. Books can be kept aside. I am unconditionally in love with you. The world lies empty without you. It doesn‟t matter anymore. All I want in this world is just you. Don‟t make me feel guilty for having left you alone for all these days. ” The line was silent. No response. And then finally a voice spoke. “Oh Ake! I haven‟t been myself for these fifteen days. And now I realize why. I love you. I won‟t go to Alaska. I will be with you. Please don‟t go away.” And that was the moment of our Platinum love story.