A fun palace full of activities defined by pieces of architecture (Fun Palace Cedric Price)

Cedric Price drawings

A fun palace is a large amusing and enjoyable place or building of entertainment. According to Stanley Matthews (Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research, Volume 3 Number 2,2005. )”The Fun Palace designed by Cedric price was not a building in any conventional sense, but was instead a socially interactive machine, highly adaptable to the shifting cultural and social conditions of its time and place”. The Fun Palace was one of the more innovative and creative proposals for the use of free time. It highlighted the extent of social influence in the architecture industry and driving a design to success. The Fun Palace was an environment continually interacting and it redefined architecture as it merged architecture and technology. The drawing was almost cryptic. Readers could make out filigree towers, varied areas at different levels, there were galleries, gantries and escalators — “it looked airborne”. With this great piece of architecture in mind, l chose to construct a portrait of central park mall in order to reproduce the fun palace. Similarly to Cedric’s fun palace that had no main entry and had stair towers and columns located along the sides my portrait has 6 entries, basically people can enter from any point and has stairs and escalators inside and out. Also, comparably my fun palace is an interactive area with areas such as dance studio, food court, indoor and outdoor sports areas, shops and entertainment areas like cinemas and galleries. These areas are related, the dance studio can be turned into a hall, the roof can change into a rooftop garden, the refracting top roof allows for the outdoor field to be used for any fitness activity. The structure allows for social interaction and can be adaptable to different activities and this showcases the revolution in architecture and shifting cultural conditions.

my portraits

reference list

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One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

North Elevation

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