A series of fragments that build a whole — the clock

fragments — a small piece or a part, especially when broken from something whole.

series — a number of similar or related events or things, one following another.

My chosen technique is derived from the movie the clock directed by Marclay, Christian. This technique involves having a common element (fragment) in all the different scenes. In my film the common fragment is a camera. Scenes show a wide range of types of cameras from digital, go pros, phone cameras and pictures. This film reveals the high number of security cameras situated around the city. The availability of cameras means we are able to capture moments of architecture and keep evidence of the memory. These electronical cameras are also able to get into and capture spaces humans usually cant access. My film highlights the significant value of protection and security in the city. It also shows the movement from human security to technology. In terms of architecture this movement to technological security has allowed architects to design buildings with more freedom, notworrying about too much exposure of the inside or any other security issues as buildings can be electronically protected.

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Marclay, Christian — The Clock (2010) Fragments that build a whole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXbQw0rE5UE