Mediocrity kills creativity

DECEMBER 9, 2021

Being stuck in the house since 2020 with no option to explore but myself.I was enjoying it earlier but now it seems like a burden , that I am landing nowhere in life!

Life is not what you imagined, Life is what happens to you…

My UPSC prep is going nowhere. My basics are scattered, my confidence shattered and I am left all alone to sweep and collect the bits. I don’t know where to start from — my optional or GS.

Don’t worry. You are not alone- there are lakhs who are going through the same pain, sweat and confusion. No energy left to write answers or even think of an idea for essay. I used to be creative with innovative ideas popping up in my mind, now just company and shopping notifications popping up on my screen.

I took refuge in writing this blog, at least somewhere I can vent my frustration.




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