‘Submit to your husbands’: Women told to endure domestic violence in the name of God
ABC News

As a Domestic Violence survivor, my own parents who gave strong cultural values and believe heavily in their Catholic religion had the same viewpoint which is abide by what the “man” of the house is saying and conform to being degraded. For my own father to take sides with my abuser and state that that’s a form of discipline, I can only say that religion and culture should not play any role in almost advocating for Domestic Violence to occur within a marriage. It’s an absurd way of thinking and even though you’re married, there’s no guarantee that because those vows were made in front of a priest, violence will not occur. Domestic Violence is an epidemic that triggers political and religious views. A good person having faith in God will not inflict such pain in someone else. Religion is misconstrued and open to interpretation and unfortunately Domestic Violence is something that is talked about in terms of whose fault it is instead of there being a solution. If there was a better understanding as to why it occurs in the first place, there should be more proactive ways to help prevent it yet clearly that is not where we are at in this society and fall short from helping prevent such violence that breaks so many families apart and ends so many lives.