Destiny awaits, just kill the self-doubt

Made by J. Slattum , Surreal Artworks (reflection mirror)

This self-doubt I tell you. It’s like this bug infestation in your bedroom, driving you crazy till you get all of them out of your house. You’ve got to drive self-doubt out of your mind.

This is for you, who belong to that majority of folks, who didn’t have the most glamorous “clichéd” childhood, surrounded by inspiring and successful people who’ve reached high pedestals in life and have affluent backgrounds or this is for those of you who haven’t nurtured yourself in the enigmatic company of super brainy and spunk filled buddies, who always dreamed of doing crazy things in life and rubbed some of the craziness on you. Oh! You definitely must not be from the clan used to high teas and grand luncheons that have the men folk guffaw over the highly sophisticated jokes and ladies classified of the clan with definitive elegance. Pretty upmarket for you eh!

Listen, life’s not at all a waste. Where we come from and how we grow up is life’s gift to us, because how we use our life’s strengths and make a future out of it is what makes our worth. Look around, we have many role models who can inspire us and there are of course the famous ones always. ‘Heroes’, plenty of them around, we just have to open our eyes and reach out to them for inspiration and you’ll go “Phew! Solace”.

Hey you! Yes you with those huge invisible glasses who scan every soul around, gaping at influential and successful people around only to doubt your own self and capabilities. You are in thousands and you’ve all got to shake up. Shake your inner self and understand the power in you. You may not be born with the power to say aloud or pave the way through the crowd. But you, my friends, have the capacity to observe, to learn and then run towards the glory that awaits you. Reach out to a coach, find a true mentor to help you run fast.

It’s never smooth waters and the day always ends to have a dark night. But that’s for you to dream and as much as you dream to fall in deep slumber, the crack of dawn is your moment to start for you’ve got a lot of running to do and there’s not a single moment to lose. So, put on your running shoes and with a strong will in your heart, simply run. Run with faith in yourself, run with a body strong.

‘Self-doubt’, my friend, will always keep you away from where you want to be. So kill this bug and eliminate it from your mind. Go run, run towards your destiny. The destiny that you want to make, big or small, but one that makes you content with life without any self-doubt.

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