“I learned a lot from Sivakartikeyan” — says a happy Anjana.

“I had a ‘near to death’ experience once. The next day after I got engaged to Chandran, we both decided to go to Pondicherry without getting the permission of our parents. It was during the time of the Chennai floods and it was only after we started the ‘flood warnings’ were given. It was raining heavily and we were caught in the road, between Chennai and Pondicherry. We prayed every God and thought we would die, but two people who came in a car, helped us get to Chennai safely. Had they not come in time, we may not have been saved ” says Sun Music VJ Anjana, with her eyes wide open.

Vj Anjana(www.vikatan.com)

“Tell us about your Family”

“Me, my mother and my grandmother live together. My father died when I was ten years old. My mother knows very little about the outside world and she hardly even knows how to operate a mobile phone. When I first got a job in the media industry my relatives said it would spoil my character and told my family to not encourage it. But my mother allowed me to take up the job because of the immense faith she had on me. My mother is everything to me. Now after marriage we all live together at Chandran’s house, as a joint family.”

“How are women treated in media?”

“In media, people respect you based on how you identify yourself. There is no privacy for people who work in the media field. Everyone keeps watching us; they would watch our movements, who our media friends are, how we mingle with everyone and things like that. It is enough for us to be perfect. Then as a woman we won’t face any problems.”

“What are the changes you made to yourself for the media industry?” 
“In this industry it is very important to not be very sensitive. While at home I use to cry when someone even scolds me. Now I have matured a lot after coming to the media industry.”

“Will you continue being in the media industry after marriage?”

“I only took a few days leave for my marriage. When you have a supportive family, then there is nothing wrong in focusing in your career. Apart from that my family is very proud to see me on the screen”

“You’ve been with Sun Music for very long and didn’t you get new opportunities?”

“I don’t feel like leaving this channel. When I started working here, my mother used to come and drop me at the office. People in the channel said they will take good care of me. They took good care of me. After a point I decided to not go anywhere else.”

“Who is your favorite VJ?”

“I like DD very much. It’s not easy to survive in this industry for this long, being a woman. Also I like Sivakarthikeyan very much and I have learned from him a lot, as a VJ”

“How love happen between you and Kayal Chandran?”

“Since we both worked in the same place, we were good friends. Then suddenly one day he asked me if we could get married. I knew this was coming and I was waiting for him to ask first.”

“Has Chandran ever said he will do something for you and then failed to do it?”

“So far, this hasn’t happened. After marriage I have asked him one thing. When we were in love, before marriage I use to go to the shooting spots and seeing me, use to make him very happy. But after marriage he one day asked me why I was there and said he felt shy when he had someone from the family at the shooting spot. That made me very angry and later to calm me down he said he will take me around the place after the work is done. I hope he would keep his promise.”

“Did you get the chance to act in cinemas and serials?”

“Six months after I started working, I got a chance to work in a movie and there were many offers to work in serials also. But I didn’t want to work in that area. Even while I was a VJ I wasn’t sure if I was reading the given script properly and at this rate how am I going to act in movies? Acting is not for me and I don’t think Television is in no way inferior to cinema.” Says VJ Anjana, to Vikatan.com, a famous Tamil News website.

Read the full article in Tamil: http://www.vikatan.com/cinema/tamil-cinema/television/93574-we-can-learn-a-lot-from-sivakarthikeyan-says-vj-anjana.html

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