Plan2Code — Pathways to Become a Great Programmer!!

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Here I will discuss the pathways that I believe lead to one becoming a great programmer. I have used a combination of these paths to perfect my skills as a programmer and as a software developer.

Self-Taught ($)

From my own experience, the self-taught path is the most fulfilling path to take. Unlike the other paths their is no one looking over your shoulder, which means you have the chance to learn what you want — not just what you need to pass the course. In this way, this path allows you to gain skills and exposes you to things that you would otherwise learn later down the road (on the job or in a career).

Traditional College or University ($$$)

The true benefit of the traditional path is its ability to structure the content needed to learn a particular set of skills. The structure here is important, whether this pathway is taken or not, there is no way to become a great programmer without first organizing ones way of learning new skills.

Free Courses (N/A)

Try not to overexert yourself when discovering new and exciting courses online. From my experience, spreading yourself thin can happen easily.

I suggest that you choose a schedule for a series of courses that are congruent with the goals you have set. These course should not overlap — you will see that the deadlines for completion are sometimes tricky to decipher!

How I Combined these Approaches

While I was studying for my Bachelor’s of Science in software development and security, I sought to better understand the field of software development. I took courses outside of class in interests that I had. These included courses on Android development, data structures, algorithms, Swift and more.

I was able to gain skills that helped me become more prepared for future courses, which introduced coursework expecting knowledge of diverse languages, APIs and tools. Taking the time to explore languages like Python, Swift, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Java made me more comfortable with these new courses.

Studying outside of a structured learning environment (e.g. universities, work study programs etc.) can help you gain the skills you need to further yourself and become a great programmer.

Study. Read. Practice.


Hello my name is Ashé (a.k.a. Curtis). I am a software developer with a B.S. in software development and security. I love developing microservices and coding in Java & Node.js!!

I provide tutoring help in Java, web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript & NodeJS) and databases (MySQL & SQL).

Contact me, if your interested in a software development tutor:


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I am a software developer with a B.S. in software development and security. I love developing microservices and coding in Java & Node.js!!

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