Filming a Silent Feature

So what was supposed to be an easy project for school at BCIT turned out to be a nightmare but with a happy ending. We were assigned an assignment by MK our teacher for Visual Fundamentals. It was a two minute short movie but without audio, in other words a silent feature. Well I came up with a good idea that was simple and seemed to be easy to film. The other members of my group, Aaron, Jenny, Lya and Catherine all agreed to the idea and we created a story board in a matter of minutes. The story pretty much wrote itself. Oh were we wrong when it came to film this story. What we thought would take only a few hours to film took about two days instead since we tried fitting in our film schedule with our classes. Well after filming and getting all the angles and making sure we didn’t cross the axis in all our shots we were done. Now came the NIGHTMARE, the editing. Well we filmed in a 4K format which our mentor Zack warned us about but we forgot to follow his guidelines and change it to 1080p. So after trying to upload the project to a crappy PC it pretty much crashed the Adobe program and we weren’t able to edit! This led my group members and I to search high and low for a computer that could handle 4K data. Finally we figured out that only flat screened newer Apple Macs could handle it but there was one catch. The 2nd year students had dibs on them although I don’t know why since I pay the same tuition as them but that’s another blog post for another time. Anyways long story short once we were to be able to work on these Macs the work was finally getting done. The editing literally took about 10 hours, 5 hours one day and 5 the next. My great group members kept striving and we finally finished the project and were quite happy with the end result. Great job group!