Webster Awards

A few weeks ago I attended the Webster Awards with my fellow BCIT Broadcast Media students. The event was held at the Hyatt on Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver. The Webster Awards is a ceremony that recognizes the work of the local journalists in British Columbia. I was excited to hear stories from my favorite local journalist, Kim Bolan. Seeing local journalists like Stephen Quinn and Julia Macarenko was also a treat because I have been listening and watching them on the CBC networks for many years. It was cool for Julia Macarenko to come to our table and say hello and mention that she was once a student at BCIT which gives us students a hope in what we can achieve in the future. It was great to socialize with my fellow students in a setting outside of the classroom and get to know them better.

Set E mostly at the Webster Awards

Paul Hunter’s 45 minute speech was great. He gave a great insightful speech for us upcoming journalists to be inspired by. As an American, the politics south of the border always interested me and Paul Hunter as a correspondent for the CBC in Washington, D.C. was extremely interesting to me. Watching Kim Bolan receive a lifetime achievement award was cool and to hear her stories about the dangers of reporting on organized crime was intriguing. After the awards show we were free to ask questions and network with the local media industry. We listened to a few good stories from a few journalists although I forgot their names. They gave us a few good pointers in what to expect when entering this industry. The night was a success in my opinion and I plan to attend next years. The food was mediocre though but I was not there for the dinner more for the experience and the opportunity to talk to and listen to the veterans of the industry.