Gordon McGladdery
Aug 4, 2015 · 1 min read

“Finally, we take intellectual property rights very seriously”.

Is this some kind of anti-humour response? Are Tim & Eric behind this in some twisted way? (Of course not… their stuff is being freebooted too). I could go to my feed right now and guarantee you over 95% of the non-youtube video content is illegally uploaded. Hope you kept the receipt for Audible Magic because it would a appear some drunk at the shop loosened a few bolts on it before shipping.

You say you’re working on it, but I still don’t expect to see a dime for the money you’ve made and continue to make off the tens of millions of illegal views containing my music, despite it being clearly illegal infringement. My music in a video next to your ads. Doesn’t get any simpler. This post provides me absolutely no comfort or confidence. It has been a year or two of complete abuse of power and will continue to be so for as long as FB can stretch it out until a class-action lawsuit is raised. If you actually cared, systems would have been in place long ago. You’re not some shaky startup just trying to make things work, for crying out loud.

    Gordon McGladdery

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