Little Paris of The South?

Only a short time ago, I can remember being referred to as “Little Paris of The South” with all of the artistic treasures found within the weird vortex known as Asheville, NC one could see why that nickname could fit. Especially in the food scene, there are so many creative chefs in Asheville, NC that there has been an explosion of restaurants over the past 5 years. From James Beard Nominees to food truck flavors to brew house bites, Asheville Chefs have kept the tourism economy BOOMING in WNC area.

So what exactly makes Asheville Chefs so great? Is it the years of honing their craft? Is it the excellent ingredients sourced from local Famers? Is it the local craft beer? Or maybe it’s just the Vortex that Asheville is, how could one ever find the truth to these questions? Once I noticed the food scene movement become a trendy topic of the area and with all of the food bloggers scouring the vast array of restaurants for the next great article, I asked myself… All of this attention is great for our City but who exactly is the Chef of these establishments and what makes them great? In and out of the restaurant.

Over the next few months Asheville Chefs will give you an intimate insight to what it’s like being an Asheville Chef.

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