• Imagination is important, as it makes our approach different and delicious.
  • Argument is good, because it brings out two different point of view “reality” & ”fiction”
  • Analysing all the aspect means you know better than any one.
  • Being able to Distinguish means you know what to ignore and with what to proceed.
  • And than the process of marketing starts with “Choosing the mode of Application”

have always perceived myself to be very special, you can call me self centred, selfish, egoistic or even ignorant, but before you do!

It is important for you to understand that when I was a kid I was told “Every child is special”.

So you see, its not my fault because I harvest knowledge, and than I try execute those knowledge as my habits.

“Being special is a habit, and I am just a learner of that habit”

WARNING-this article is kind of philosophical yet interesting :). So if you fail to connect philosophy with life, this is not the one to read.

Imagine that you are Dreaming

If you ask me whether I am ashamed of my childhood, I would nod my head in confusion. So instead of asking me, JUDGE ME!

I was 10 years old when I believed that the entire world around me is fake. I thought that I was living in a gaming world where people like my parents, friends, teachers and relatives exists in order to make me realise that I am alive, and I should have a purpose.

So, I would wake up at night in horror to check whether my parents are in their room or not.

Later I learned two things in a hard way, ONE its not a good thing to play too much video games, and TWO life is as real as everything around you.

Key word:Imagination” is a powerful word and children are best on doing it, in my opinion if there was a test to identify who can imagine more, “Steve Job” would fail drastically in front of a child. However, Imagination in itself is not the end product in life.

Persuade your Authority

So, the story starts from my teenage, I skipped a timeline as puberty does not seem to be a subject matter on this article.

Like any other teenager I was trying the way to exist as someone important, I have started creating my authority among all living creatures around me.

Among many things, I also learned to “Argue” while I was establishing my point of view of the world in front of my parents, who wants me to see things only in the way they thought would be right for me to receive.

During this process, I “Analysed” my understanding of right and wrong with the conflicting parental advises, and than Distinguished the best one before going into the final phase of “Choosing the mode of execution”.

You see all these bold words are nothing but what we have involuntarily learned with the help of time.


Lets get into the point!!

Hey I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Ashiqul Nafi and I have studied Law under University of London, I love writing, reading, blabbing; and I am a hungry futurist. I would like to thank my mom for feeding me, my dad for paying me and all my friends for being such a sport and entertainers. Last but not the least, I would like to thank “google” the most for being there in time of needs.

Coming on to the topic, the heading of my article stipulates the relationship between “Common sense and marketing”, and life is the best teacher of common sense.

Let us relate how life events shaped the understanding of marketing.

Joining the key word I bold, here comes the result:


When you asked to market or advertise to its rightful audience about the product, it is important that you become a baby.

Forget your reality and your state of mind, get into a dreamy world of imagination and think about the PRODUCT.

Your client’s product is now your life, imagine the

  1. usefulness of the product
  2. its drawbacks
  3. and all the aspect relating to it.

Do not let the aspect of marketing cloud your imagination. Write down everything that comes in your mind.

For example, if your product is a T-shirt, your probable imagination will result in elements of that T-shirt such as-

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Art
  • Fabric
  • Designs
  • Comfort
  • Brand and etc.

Write everything down. Draw that imagination inside your mind, as if its one of your.



Welcome to the phase when you know about the product more than anyone else in the entire world, proceed only if my last sentence is your adamant believe. Now start arguing to yourself whether the elements you have gathered are relevant or not.

Keep the relevant information required to meet the purpose, and cut loose all that are unnecessary.

For example:

  1. if the T-shirt is a brand, lets emphasise on the slogan of the brand itself
  2. or if its not a brand, find out the unique feature of it
  3. even there is no unique feature try visualising something that is unique about it

Marketing is about creating the hype, remember it doesn’t exist until you create it.

3. Analyse:

Before moving on, analyse the chosen element.

For example its

  1. unique features
  2. slogan
  3. designs
  4. current platform of advertisement and etc.

Get your self ready to use the best feature of the product.

Find out how and why it is so and keep them recorded.

4. Distinguished:

When I say people will dig it, I didn’t mean everyone will dig it. This is the phase when you will have to distinguished the class of people your product should target considering

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Geography
  4. Trend
  5. Class and so on.

5. Choosing the mode of execution:

Last but the most important one, your mode of execution of your marketing plan will determine your success. You have almost all the information required before execution, now choose the medium of advertisement.

  • so if its a T-shirt I would advertise it in Facebook, Fashion magazines and trendy sites.
  • However, if the product is an app, I would rather advertise through bloggers, online tech experts, tech journalist and so on.

Time and place are the most important factors behind the scene of success.

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