I love Spanish, although I can’t write nor speak Spanish but the mere thought of me being able to speak in Spanish makes me feel sexy.

What I think of myself

I apparently have a zero dollar bill in my pocket, however, the title suggests a discussion of a journey and a massive tunover from zero to hundred million. The reason for such atrocity is to convey the message that I am adamant to make this title turn into a reality.

This is an introductory article, the one in which I am suppose to introduce myself as a blog writer.

At the beginning I was absolutely against writing this introductory article because I thought you all give no but little fish about me at this point.

However, it is so important that we listen to experts, my friend Parvez Akther CEO of themexpert suggested me to be humble in my approach, and almost in an ordering manner asked me to write an article where I humbly and politely introduce myself.


So, here it goes, my name is Ashiqul Nafi …….aaahhhhhh I finished my undergrad from University of London on Common Law……..mmmhhhhh boring!! and I have a masters degree from Southeast University on International Law….. Still boring!!! Currently I am a PHD candidate.…Worthless!!!

My Passion

I love meeting new people, probably one of the thing which I love more than writing.

Don’t think of me as a blabber, seriously I don’t blab, but love sharing ideas with my friends. Because It makes me feel alive and happy.

Here I understand that in order to approach the world, I must be able to write, from ancient times to till now writing has been the best mode of communication. So, there is no way out from this approach.

I wish I could draw this as caption on my life

Ok, let me come back to “me”, writing has been on my blood since I was a child, from school toilet walls to my bedroom shelves I symbolised my writing skill while destroying almost every home appliances. At one point, colour pencils were banned in my house.

The reason for me to tell you this; is to convey the message that I am here to write, impress and make a difference, and my passion revolves around the interest of knowing and drafting it into words of expression.

My Life

It is very ordinary and I have very much to tell you. Don’t stop reading because today is not the day for me to describe my boring yet fascinating life.

Not that interesting!!

However, the best way to explain my life in few lines is to start with the word Laptop and ends with the word Coffee. You can already guess that apart from my daily errands I spent most of my time reading “Whatever that is Interesting” online. And do love to call myself a hungry futurist.

My intentions

I desire to escalate in the field of online marketing as a whole, and reach a position where it would be possible to provide one stop services, from Creative Content, SEO to Video Marketing. I am on line to try and execute my ideas in this field of work, because thats the way towards growth, and thats how things can change. A great product is never a great product if people don’t know about it, I believe people have the right to know about it, and people should know about it. I would like to use that moto in life to make everyones life easier to embrace, preach or communicate.

My inspiration

I am more like a realtime learner, who tend to learn while in the process of working. There may be a dozens of marketing and content management related books I can refer to explain my sources of inspiration, but I chose not to.

Rather I would like to discuss about the people from which I have derived my interest in the field of marketing. As I have already mentioned that my main force of education was law, marketing was like a rocket science to me. However, the following people has made my life in this field much easier than I initially expected.

They are the honourable followings:

  1. Neil Patel- A bold king of marketing, taught me that transparency is the new and delicious form of marketing in any format. Most importantly he proves with facts that it works.
  2. Warren Buffett- You probably don’t need his introduction, you want a billion dollar business go consult him with a million dollar consultancy fee. He taught me the importance of Analytics and Accountability of future prospects in business.
  3. Brian Clark- A problem solver. When he writes or tweets he is focused on solving the specific problem. A very focused marketer.
  4. Eugene G. Schwartz- A great philosopher come writer, who certainly can write things that can literally touch you. Very bad on twitter.
  5. Sonia Simone- Refreshing attitude on writing and advising, exciting, problem solver and pretty looking :).
  6. Ryan Deiss- A very charming and energetic marketer, good speaker and even better writer.
  7. Robert Bruce- A very entertaining book blogger.
  8. Hiten Shah- Award for best supporting role goes to him without any debate, related to and played a major role on the success of Neil Patel.


Stay focused, execute with perfection!

I am under the process on developing a blog, ablyart.com, to share my no but little knowledge and experiences in the field of marketing. I am currently involve in writing creative and SEO friendly contents for websites, and I intend to take this work to the next level of attractive and meaningful contents. I help as an editorial on blog contents for others, and wish to succeed on becoming influential and helpful person in the Global net.

Besides, this is just the starting and I am wishing to share my journey as we proceed.

This is me, a worthless web nerd, and even more of a worthless lawyer!!! :)