Product creation is not just a science in the digital world; it is an art, business and most importantly represents an element of the creators life. In my experience I have never found a single person who has created a million dollar or close, worthy product, which doesn’t solve a problem.

The most fascinating aspect of creating a product initiates the notion for a solution of a problem that the product after its birth will tend to solve. However, not many of them do qualify in making money despite the fact that the product is amazing.

No one better than the product developers themselves knows the pain and agony of having an amazing product but not being able to make enough money out of it. The product shines in its own world having a complete business failure.

Sad but true many products fail drastically of its expectation right after the product is launched. There are many reasons behind such volatile effect, one of the major reason behind it is being ignorant towards reality.

Often the coders or product scientists leave the reality to involve themselves into virtual world a way bit too much. I don’t blame them, the sort of a work they do, its important that they fall in love with their virtual product more than reality.

But love for your product may turn into blind obsession, that’s when, the business never succeeds. Let me go easy on you all readers, the matter of fact here is the mind set a coder adopts for the product and the way they view their product. Although the product solves a problem but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem in itself is so major that needs immediate solution and the method you prescribe.

As we are now clear that people would only buy your product if it solves their problems, now here comes the issue, your product is not necessarily the only method by which the problem can be solved. Question is whether you are going to make them habituated towards the method your product prescribes in solving the problem.

We Humans are the slave of our own habits, anyway the gist of the matter lye with the aspect of our mental motivation. It is important that we don’t procrastinate and get over whelmed with the product at the very first stage of the production. Rather making people aware of it, holding the key to know the way it can be motivated among the general people massively.

You can call it marketing, I call it preaching. Better ways also requires to be adapted. It’s a process, and its definitely not automatic. You do it, or else wait for someone else to come up. You have make them believe in yourself. Keep your marketing running along side with your product development. Talk about it with your friends and with others who have interest in it.

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