How to deal with conflicting advice (especially about your purpose or calling!)

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“Follow your passion!”

“Find your calling!”

“Live your life’s purpose!”

“Follow your dreams!”

or better yet — “just do something good enough to make a ton of money!!”’

There are a ton of these “doctrines” floating around the internet these days. Roughly 1 billion are created each minute…that’s a rough scientific estimate, more studies needed, but it’s close!

We each probably see these types of messages at least 100 times a day. It’s almost ridiculous isn’t it?! No one can truly decide — is it follow your passion? or maybe… follow your curiosities?

Just in the last 24 hours I’ve seen 4 messages on these types of phrases, and no joke, each one contracted the one before it! Oy vey!

Of course, we can’t exactly say that “XYZ” is THE truth for every single person on this planet. No way! But here’s some truth I do know for sure — they all have weight and purpose to them, or we wouldn’t be saying them!

Nicholas Sparks books and movies wouldn’t be a thing unless they had something tangible in them that we love and see in our own lives, or hope to see sometime in the future. There’s a link of truth. Always.

Each cliche we hear has it’s weight somewhere, maybe for you it won’t hold much weight, but for someone else it holds a lot. We can’t exactly ignore our passions and just hope that chasing money will be enough. We also can’t ignore money for our passions, our purpose statement or anything else.

Try it, run a “passion based business” and have no profit whatsoever. See how passionate you are after 6 months! Unfortunately, I’ve learned this the HARD way in my 10+ years of business, it’s not fun y’all! It sucks!

Build a business sorely on making money. Jump into that hot new niche, buy that expensive “business building blueprint” system the top guru is selling and jump right on in love! Once you’ve got that money flowing it’ll all be sunny right?! Umm…wrong. Usually at least. Businesses based on the money factor suck your soul DRY. I know this, also for a fact. Since I’m basically a dinosaur in the online business world, I’ve seen some of these meteors hit. haha! ;)

Another thing I’ve learned the hard way, don’t hear some sweet new business idea, or come up with one, and then try to infuse it will “purpose” or “passion”!! “Yay idea! Let’s do it! Look at the money, and yeah, it’ll totally help people too!”…Nope. Put the MacBook down and step away!! These types of businesses also suck your soul! That’s not a fun place to be, burnout is highly contagious!

So what are we to do?? We’ve gotta know that each thing get it’s piece of the pie. If we have passion but not profits, then we probably don’t have a very purposeful life….you can’t afford it! You may be on the right track/path in terms of passions and calling, but if we just sit there….? You know the end of that cliche! ha!

We have to have passion, curiosity, profits, and give plenty of time and attention to our callings and purpose. If you have passion & profits, but you’re not considering your version of a purposeful life…you’re going to find you some burn out love! (Again, I’m speaking from my own businesses over the years.) 100 hour weeks of hustle, can be good, but if you’ve got a spouse and 3 kids, probably not going to go over well, especially long term!

Following a passion, or a curiosity, or both, and make it line up with your overall calling or purpose, and with profits to be able to FUEL that awesome life. That’s really it. Our heads don’t have to spin with all the craziness, “follow your passion!” “NO don’t follow your passion, it’s a recipe for disaster!” *insert eyerolls here*… It’s really about balancing and blending these things in the way only you can, you get to create your “pie” love, with all these ingredients, so see what works for you! They just have to be decently balanced and blended, and when something is off, take stock of where you’re at with all of these. Maybe you’re ignoring passion for more profits, or vice versa.

My challenge for you today: Take stock of all of these things, each and every one, passion, profits, purpose, calling, see where you’re at, and how you can better balance & blend them to get you where you want to go!!

with love & blessings,


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