Chasing Heartbreak

An accident in the beginning
But somehow I grew to love
A connection deeper than any I’ve ever known

A list of questions answered with one simple action
The glow in his smile
Does it eventually dim?
Is it the lies that make that smile so contagious?

Am I wrong to assume that his hands are telling me things his mouth won’t say?
I know smiles lie
But his is just so beautiful
Tell me I’m just chasing heartbreak
That wouldn’t have changed my mind

My body could stand the crutches
But my mind couldn’t stand the sidelines
Cause deep down I knew
Despite what I thought his mouth meant to say
His smile still didn’t belong to me

It could have all been the truth
But the bigger truth is that I,
Once again,
Let my expectations exceed reality

That smile had a home to return to
And it did just so.

Ashlee Nicole © Nov. 2012