Sideline Rules

now remember, this is strictly pleasure
when it gets hard,
or a rule is broken
we can just walk away

no strings attached
& if you get tangled in that
then I can’t stay

there will be no fulfillment
beyond the physical
& even that’s not guaranteed
well for you

now now don’t get an attitude
I won’t argue
when you laid down
you agreed to these rules

there’s no bragging
no gossip
barely conversation
just a text; two words
meaning I’m ready for relations

you may know my main
but she can’t know about you
& I’ll say that in the slickest way possible
attempting not to seem rude

I’ll call you my ride or die
cuz you know how to blindly follow
even though you have needs too
you’ll ignore em to seem hollow

this is so convenient for me
but for you its more like
unanswered questions , right?
why doesn’t my phone ring
and why can’t you see me in day light?

for you there’s pleasure in the
cheap thrills & fun nights
but when im not around
silent cries for attention
seems to make the loudest sounds

quotes about love & happiness
on social networks
but you know you’re just the other woman
can never be my only women
I’m too young
it just won’t work!!!

and though I know
what you could be worth
better for me than my main
still, I won’t commit
I refuse to be in chains!!!

yeah, I sold you dreams
but you bought em
they resembled louboutins

it’s not my fault
I never meant to hurt you
that’s just in the script

wipe your face baby girl
those tears tell me YOU LOSE
just be more careful next time
this one is on you
you agreed to these rules

Ashlee Nicole © not dated