Salesforce has taken an innovative approach to sales development by putting the best of design thinking in the hands of sales professionals to transform relationships and accelerate revenue growth. The results have been mind-boggling with of over 100% gain in revenue within each team that has partnered with Somersault Innovation.


“Somersault broke the mold on sales training and the results have been incredible. The content was spot on, and the learning pathway over the 3- month period supportive and valuable. Our pipeline and revenue growth has surpassed any expectation as a direct result of your work. You have changed how…

Think sales and design have nothing in common? Think again.

Ashley Welch and Justin Jones, the co-authors of Naked Sales and co-founders of Somersault Innovation, teach you how to incorporate design thinking into your sales strategy to develop deeper relationships with your customers. So deep, in fact, that they will never want to stop working with you.

Whether you work on an inside sales team or with a group of field reps with multimillion-dollar portfolios, this episode of Author Hour will change the way you do business forever.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The four curiosity prompts that salespeople can…

By Ashley Welch & Justin Jones, Co-Founders at Somersault Innovation

It’s getting to be “that” time of year again, when Sales and Sales Enablement leaders begin planning their annual sales kick-off meetings. It’s no small task. In addition to the basic logistics of selecting a destination, blocking rooms and finding meeting space, there’s an unspoken pressure to top last year’s meeting. How can we make it bigger and better? What guest speakers will inspire? What awards will mean the most to our top performers?

We get it. We’ve attended many of these ourselves over our careers, and we help our…

Ashley Welch is the author of Naked Sales: How Design Thinking Reveals Customer Motives and Drives Revenue and cofounder of Somersault Innovation, a Design Thinking consulting firm providing a unique approach to sales development.

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Originally published at Somersault Innovation.

Ashley Welch

Endlessly curious. Design Thinking expert. Sales team super-power giver. Innovation activist. Problem solver. Seeker of your “why.”

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