Yikes! Rate of Change has Surpassed our Ability to Adapt.

Thomas Friedman’s new book, “Thank you for Being Late” makes the point that historically we have been able to keep pace with the rate of change driven by technological innovation. Not so much anymore. Exponential technological advancement has caused so much change, so fast (think connected sensors on a herd of cows that can tell the farmer exactly when one is in heat, and when another is sick and then enable the farmer to compare the data to another herd across the globe) that we humans are left wide eyed, not sure what to do.

As a business, we must be constantly adapting, thinking about “who/what is going to disrupt us?”

Design Thinking is a handy tool set to have in your pocket for this age of disruption. Design thinking is best used when your assumptions outweigh your knowledge of what to do. (Like now!) It offers you a process to swim safely in ambiguity, picking up patterns and themes about your end user that you can translate into insights. These insights become your guiding star, leading you in the direction of what is novel and most importantly, what your customers or end users care about and desire.

Originally published at Somersault Innovation.