A Call For New Voices

Ashley C. Ford

In collaboration with Matter, I will be curating and editing a week of personal essays and reported features from emerging writers. We see this as an opportunity to share bold and novel writing from those who have been otherwise underrated or overlooked. Submission Guidelines and other relevant information is listed below.

Submissions are open now.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Your submission should not be a completed essay or reported feature, but an idea for the piece you would work on in collaboration with myself and Matter.
  2. Your submission should be written as a Medium post and published as unlisted.
  3. After publishing your post, please email the unlisted link to Ashley@AshleyCFord.Com with a writing sample.
  4. All pitches should be submitted by December 2nd 2015.

Question & Answer

Q: When will I know if my pitch has been accepted?

A: If I accept your pitch, I will notify you by December 7th 2015.

Q: Will you be accepting pitches for forms of writing other than personal essays or reported features?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is this a paid opportunity?

A: You will be compensated for your work at a competitive rate to be discussed upon acceptance of your pitch.

Q: When will my piece be available to the public?

A: Your piece will go live in January.

Q: Is there a certain theme you’re looking for?

A: No.

Q: How do you define an “emerging writer”?

A: Someone who has been published, and hopefully, well-edited before, but doesn’t have a staff writing position, or more than one published book.

Q: Can I send more than one pitch?

A: Time is of the essence here, so I encourage you to focus on your best idea.

Q: Will you accept something I’ve published on my blog before?

A: I am not interested in publishing anything that has been published before, even if it was published on your blog. However, I am open to a separate piece that digs deeper into subject matter you may have already begun exploring on your blog or elsewhere.

Ashley C. Ford

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Writer. Editor. Pretty good hugger.

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