Facebook messenger is getting a serious makeover that will benefit your business

Facebook has revealed the new Messenger Platform 2.1, including all new tools and savvy options for business owners. Direct payment flow, advanced Facebook page buttons and built-in natural language processing will make messenger the one stop shop for small business operations. In stream payments are the newest, most convenient way for customers to pay using a one stop process through messenger webview. A business owner simply sends a customized link of the item through messenger and the customer has the chance to “buy now” by just clicking one button. This provides business with a new way to advertise while directly increasing sales.

Facebook is also encouraging more business interactions through messenger by introducing Facebook Page buttons that connect the customer to a messenger thread. The page buttons appear on the main business’s profile, it’s nearly impossible to miss. The buttons can read “shop now”, “get started” or “get updates”, etc. When the customer clicks on the button, they are automatically connected to messenger where they can communicate with the company one on one. This function removes the barrier between the customer and the business, cultivating a more positive relationship with customers.

One problem that business must consider when adopting Facebook into their operations mix is that not all customers are user friendly with Facebook. To combat this problem, Facebook is giving developers the option to use built-in natural language processing (NLP) to specifically recognize certain customer queries. These queries can range from specific technical problems to simple navigation issues. The NLP allows the bots to pick apart each question and assist the user with their specific problem. Users can simply just use messenger to explain their query and get direct help from the advanced bot. This can really benefit business with customers who are not as user friendly with Facebook. NLP can make these customers more comfortable with using Facebook and increase their interaction with businesses.

Overall, business may nurture customer relations and advance their operations with the new tools being offered through messenger and bot options in messenger platform 2.1. The tech world remains unsure if and when messenger bots will take off, but Facebook just made a huge first step in this new trend.

Original article: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/technology-data/facebook-announces-new-messenger-tools-bot-options-messenger-platform-21