My First Blog

Photo Taken By: Ashley M Diaz

My name is Ashley. Im doing this blog as an assignment for my writing class at the local college. I used to love writing, whether it was telling stories or writing in my journal. Life has been so hectic and i havent found much time to write much these past few years. My assignment is to sit down atleast once a day and just write. So my blogs will vary in subjects. I am first and foremost a mother of an amazing little girl who isnt so much little anymore, but will always be in my eyes. Shes 10 years young and its an interesting time for us. Shes in her pre-teen years and Im in my late twenties. You can do the math or i can just tell you. I was 18 years old when i gave birth to her. Her name is Genny. Genny is my pride and joy and its always been just us and our yorkie Katy (with family and friends of course). But we have been our own little family since she was a baby. Our lives have changed alot this past year and ill probably spend some of my time on here explaining it, but not alot…i kind of wish this year went differently. So here goes nothing…welcome to my world!