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What I Learned From The Manchester Arena Terror Attack

May 23 will be considered in history as one of the most shocking terror attacks in the United Kingdom. The killing of innocent people especially children not only makes me sad but also angry because no one deserves to be in that situation. Going to a concert and seeing your idol perform is meant to be a fun and enjoyable time, unfortunately this was not the case and for 22+ people there lives where taken away in an instant. I’m hopeful that humanity can learn from this tragic event and become stronger and more aware of how valuable your life and other lives are. Terrorism does not belong in this world and we need to work together to put an end to these disgusting attacks. Here is what I learnt from the Manchester Arena Terror Attack:

Life Is Precious

Everyones lives should be taken for granted and you are grateful to be alive and healthy today. The end of someone’s life is unpredictable and we need to take advantage of everyday that we are alive. If you want to achieve or do something with your life, do it today because nobody knows when your last day on this earth will be. If your feeling unmotivated today, remind yourself how grateful you are to being alive and healthy to see another day.

Love And Compassion Is Important

Sending a heartfelt message or paying your respects to people that have lost there loved ones really does make a difference. A simple message can go a long way in helping someone overcome an tragic or life changing event, because sending that message to someone is giving them the strength they need to have that mental courage to get back up and live there best life.

The Negative Impacts Of Islamphobia

The tragic situation that happened at Manchester Arena has nothing to do with religion especially the Muslim religion. ISIS terrorist are the enemy, not the innocent people who are Muslim. Yes ISIS are Muslim, but they do not follow the rules that are set in the Quran and the Quran states that it’s forbidden and a sin to kill people. In fact, these evil people who are part of a terrorist organisation shouldn’t even call themselves a Muslim because they are war criminals. Islamphobic people need to understand that innocent Muslim people are not terrorists who are destroying the world, they are humans like us. The more Islamphobic people understand this, the better the world will become and the lesser the chance that Muslim people will experience mental health problems. I believe education is the starting point to addressing the issue of Islamphobia and I hope humanity can resolve the issue and not leave the world divided.

I like to finish off by acknowledge my thoughts and prayers to the families that have been affected and I wish them all the best towards their recovery. Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to Ariana and Ariana’s team and family and I hope they recover mentally and find peace and clarity in their lives.

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