You know, the word “entrepreneur” is starting to piss me off.

Every. Single. Day… People ask me…

“So you’re an entrepreneur I see! What do you do?”

And every time, I think to myself…

“NO! I am NOT an entrepreneur! Dammit.”

Yes… I have an entrepreneurIAL mind, and I love reading about entrepreneurSHIP. But I am NOT an entrepreneur.

I am a speaker.

If I have never named myself a CEO or Founder of a company, I’m not quite sure why I would call myself an “entrepreneur.” Even if my start-up were up and running, I wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur; I’d call myself by title (CEO, Fouder, Co-Founder, Advisor, whatever my position is), and let others give me the privilege of being titled a successful entrepreneur.

So many of us (including the younger version of myself) call ourselves entrepreneurs for NO reason. And I don’t mean to just call you out like a rude douche, because I’m calling my younger self out too! But we need to realize how that hurts our growth.

If you’re a coach, you’re a coach. Not an entrepreneur.

If you’re a real estate agent, you’re an agent. Not an entrepreneur.

If you’re an author, you’re an author. Not an entrepreneur.

If you make videos, you’re a content creator. Not an entrepreneur.

It seems like EVERY Joe-Shmo and his cat are now entrepreneurs.. Even the guy with no job! But hey… ill call myself out here too!

But here’s why I stopped referring to myself as one…

  1. Anybody can call themselves an entrepreneur, it’s free; truthfully however, it means absolutely nothing. It’s the most used word in 2016 that contains no substance anymore.
  2. No TRULY successful business man or woman is impressed with a bio that says “entrepreneur.” They’re more impressed with “I provide ____ value…. And so on.”
  3. Saying “I founded Uber” is so much sexier and attention-grabbing than “I’m an entrepreneur.”
  4. You stop your own growth! I experienced this.. It’s been proven that by calling yourself a title, or announcing a goal that you have yet to achieve can hinder your actions. Tests have shown that your intended goals which you announce are less likely to be acted upon because announcing it satisfies your ego, or for better terms, your self-worth; so much that it stops you from acting upon the actual goals.

As I stated, I am a speaker and content producer.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Am I working on a start-up? Yes.

Have I monetized my speaking and content? Absolutely.

But guess what, that still makes me a speaker and content producer.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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