I’ve never been to Walla Walla, and neither had the ladies I was traveling with, so we were excited! Hopefully you read about the Thrinkies because when we left we had plane tix, hotel reservations, car service and tasting agendas for each day, except the day we rolled in. Walla Walla wine country Here We Come!

I would HIGHLY recommend flying if you can swing it. It’s maybe a 40 minute flight AND you are given complimentary beer and wine. #Horizonairrocks! Plus there are so many phenominal wineries and vineyards in the Valley to see that you really need three or four days to do justice to this trip so you can see how driving simply takes too much time!

I made this trip with my BFF & her Sis, who flew up from AZ specifically for our Girls Weekend. We went at the perfect time, too. Mid September, when summer vacation crowds are less, but the weather is still in the glorious warmth of the 80's. #bliss We arrived mid-afternoon and because downtown Walla Walla is so close to the airport, we were checking in less than 20 minutes later. #smalltowns #soquaint #stepbackintime. Sis booked us at the Marcus Whitman @WallaWallaHotel Hi Bob & other really friendly guy who checked us in!

I SO recommend this Hotel. It’s ideally located downtown, was built in 1927 and dedicated to Marcus Whitman and his brother, (whose name I could probably find if I wasn’t so lazy). They were Missionaries who had traveled to the area almost a century earlier. The architecture in the lobby & throughout the hotel is exquisite. Breakfast is complimentary and is an incredible spread. This same restaurant was also recommended to us by several locals (townies?) as The finest dining in town, so of course we ate there our first night. Again, because of my laziness, I’ll say I think the restaurant is called “Marcus Whitman”?? Anyway, you HAVE to go. The food is so fresh-I had the salmon, flown in that day of course, and many of the vegetables and herbs are grown on Hotel’s very own rooftop garden. Who Knew?!

We freshened up and headed out to be in the glorious sunshine & taste some Walla Walla wines! We had no agenda this day, so we stopped at one of the Hotel’s six tasting rooms, and encountered the first of many friendly Tasting Room Servers, fabulous reds AND whites, and funny phrases of the weekend. I think it was called Tero Estates…?? #notpayingattention #lazyresearcher #sorrynicewinerylady. Well, whatever it was, the first white was crisp and refreshing and all three ladies were already in love. We also learned this (and another Rose’ the Tasting (Pouring?) Lady recommended are commonly known as Patio Pounders. LOVE this phrase, and plan to totally overuse it. #breakfastwine #daydrinking #theguyslikeit. Onward we went toward Main Street and Otis Kenyon @otiskenyonwine a fave of another BFF of mine, Shea #justoneofthegirls. Heading outside my BFF immediately complained it was too bright. She’d left her sunglasses in the car. Back in Seattle. And prided herself on being a martyr rather than let us grab the glasses before heading to the airport. #wehadplentyoftime. #stopwhining #martyr. J/K she was actually a good sport about it, and mocked us! #goodoneTwinkie

Otis Kenyon was awesome! This trip is batting 1,000 so far, or whatever it is that good batters do. The Tasting room was close, super cute inside & we were the only guests. Tasting Lady, who is the Great Granddaughter of THE Otis Kenyon, told us his story and it was such a trip. You simply have to look it up! (remember what I said above…lazy blogger, research is boring, etc…) Plus, I’m helping you to be independent and DIY if you really think about it. #yourewelcome. Also, an entire wall in the Tasting Room is devoted to us, the guests, complete with colored markers so we can write whatever we want and it can live in infamy. Vote For Pedro, WWJD, Me + You, TLA — whatever you want to write! I signed Ricky & Lucy’s names, with a heart shaped paw above it. Duh.

Time for dinner, kids. What an amazing start to what I can tell will be a Fabulous weekend, in a simply charming town that I cannot wait to explore. We headed back, the 2.5 blocks to our Hotel and were immediately seated for dinner. It was a tad on the early side on Thursday evening and there were several tables of not couples or groups of ladies on their own separate Wine Weekends, but guys. Lots of guys. Hmmmmm…Come to find out, this weekend was also the Annual Classic Car show. #midlifecrisis. OH! And the restuarant is called The Marc. Also duh.

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