SMM and PR checklists before launching an ICO campaign

SMM checklist

What should be ready at the time of posting the announcements of your project, today? Let’s start with social networks and forums.


  • You have an account and have been promoted to, at least, the Jr. level member.
  • Prepared a main post (text and layout) about the project.
  • The mechanics have been developed and a bounty program has been written.
  • Prepared all elements for the subscription, profile, and other companies: captions, designs, profiles, etc.
  • ️ The accounting tools of bounty program participants are adjusted.


  • An account is established and issued — the sooner, the better. It is ideal to use an existing company’s account, if any, by finalizing it for the purposes of the ICO.
  • ️ The content was worked on for 1–2 months.
  • ️ The account has been downloaded.

Twitter, Telegram and others.

  • Accounts are established and issued in accordance with site requirements.
  • ️ Accounts are customized as much as possible before the announcement

What is important?

  • All team members must subscribe to all project accounts and, if possible, participate in real life. Ideally, the members should answer questions from the community, and this, especially, goes for the chats in Telegram, and at the very at least — keep up and participate.
  • ️ The start-up should be well prepared and well directed.

PR checklist

Are there any features?

In general, for public relations ICO, you need about as much stuff, as for any startup or IT product. The exception is that, first, there is more or less time for everything about everything, and secondly, you need more ingenuity to sell your project and get posts.

The speaker is also the CEO

  • Press portrait. First and foremost, he needs a PR man and all the team members for pitches — the world should know its heroes! We need good facts, a story about overcoming obstacles and achievements (the files also go “with a bang,” but this is not the case for us). This helps create an emotional attachment to the project.
  • Some photos have good quality and they are horizontal — they must not consist of someone who is in a tuxedo or a swimsuit — the right tone should be established.
  • Updated profiles are in all social networks with the correct indication of the company and the position. Ideally, it has a series of posts on the project, particularly, cryptos in general.

Company / Project

  • Reference about the company / project — short version for 3–4 offers with the most important one.
  • Logo in different formats: for the web, with a transparent, colored background, black and white, etc.
  • Figures about the market and early investments (if any) — the more numbers on the topic, the better.

Checklist of the main texts before starting an ICO

Texts for SMM

  • An article with an ICO announcement for a Medium. This is your key text — you will refer to it a lot at the beginning of the campaign, so you need to describe the project well and carefully write down all the messages. The text should be extensive, but not very long . In English, it should be about 500 words — in Russian, it can be a little longer.
  • Texts for Bitcointalk: a large announcement of the project and text with terms of the bounty program.
  • Short texts for social networks, while taking into account the specifics of each pletform: 280 characters for Twitter, 2–3 paragraphs for Telegram and so on.

Texts for PR

  • Press portraits of speakers — the main achievements in IT, crypto, and interesting facts about their biography.
  • Brief information about the project is the main essence, novelty and usefulness.
  • Press Release as the base text for pitches and articles, as well as several versions of news articles for different crypto media.

And what else?

  • Q & A — one of the most important texts, is needed for quick answers in social networks and for journalists’ requests.
  • All texts should be fully prepared and coordinated, possibly, a few days before the announcement.
  • A successful start-up should be carefully prepared and directed — you must have a plan to send out all the texts, which is tailored for the timing of the startup.

Also, by the time of the launch, you should have texts for mailings and auto-responses to various activities on the site, but we can talk about this at another time — watch out for new posts!

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